There is trouble in this world and bad things are happening.  Perhaps you are wondering why do people get sick and die?  Why do people do mean things?  God made everything beautiful and good, yet, now you may be wondering why is there so much sadness, fighting and killing in this world?  

Do you feel forgotten, abandoned or alone, because of the sin in this world?  Do you doubt God's love for you, because of what people have done?

Now, listen to the Voice of the Lord and read His Word for God's message to you.

Father, I thank you for revealing your Truth to me and I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal your message to all who read in the way that you know is for them.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

To answer these questions, we have to go back a long time ago and learn about God's good Creation and how the 1st man disobeyed God!  To answer these questions, we have to learn that sin entered the world through one man; a man named Adam and because Adam disobeyed God, we are are born with a "want to" sin nature; and we live in a world that many have rejected Jesus and the love of God.  

People hurt people, but God loves us!

Satan is spreading lies about God and people are falling the deception.

What is sin?  Sin is anything that disobeys God.  Sin hurts God.

God is Holy and is merciful toward us in His patience and kindness.  He makes the sun come up and the stars come out; He causes the flowers to bloom and with a fragrance in the air.  He provides, protects and comforts ...

But perhaps you don't feel protected???

Do you know that when people hurt people, God feels that pain!  However, that still doesn't explain to you why God hasn't reached down from Heaven ... or has He?  Call on Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to help and comfort you right now.

What is a friend?  A friend shares what we know in Jesus and a friend cares about the choices we make, but a friend doesn't condemn us or judge us in our mistakes.  A friend extends a hand and loves us at all times like Jesus.

Sometimes at a distance, like today, but there is always something God is doing behind the scenes!

I am coming to you as a friend in Christ who cares, because of the friend I know in Jesus!  Jesus is near at all times, but sometimes we walk away in spirit and doubt God's love for us!

Jesus is friend who doesn't condemn, but saves! God loves to forgive; and He wants to be our Father.  God is loving, gentle and kind, and also righteously just to judge! 

God loves you!  Jesus has shown HIS love for you!

God is all this and more, but, will you believe God loves you?

God has always been about free will. He has never taken away our choices.  God hopes we will choose to live our life with Him and trust Him, but in that choice that there is no choice in way we come to God!

Life with God is in the truth.  Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life.  No man enters into life with God without believing God's testimony about HIS Son.

God's way is not found by thumping a Bible on your head!  God's way is not about taking away your freedom to choose.  God's way is about giving you a choice when you had none!  

Hope in Today Ministries offers to you a place to meet Jesus; and get to know the truth about who God is; and who you are to God.

And, a place to hear my testimony about Jesus, who is my living Savior and Lord!  I only share because God has first blessed me with beautiful and powerful knowledge about Jesus!  Through believing in and following Jesus, God has blessed every part of my life!  Through the good and the bad, Jesus has been the Name I call on!  

God has blessed me with testimonies, and because of the "agape"  love that God has poured into my heart through Jesus, I have HIS love for His people living through Jesus in my heart!

I am here to answer the world's questions about, "Who is this man named Jesus?".  "Was Jesus more than a man?"  "Is the Bible really God's written word for us to read?"  Does God remember you -yes!  God loves you!!!

I am welcoming you to Hope in Today Ministries, because God really does love you this much!

More than the building, or this website, Jesus is The Church!!! Life with God is not about race, religion or personality.  Life with God is about God and learning how to live blessed with HIM ... God's way is better than my own!  We are God's gift to each other in the Church!

Where 2 or more gather together in His Name, He will be there.  

The Holy Spirit has done this ministry website through me and this is all for you; as much as this is for me!  I know this, because I have been here with God through every letter typed and I keep learning!

So, you may find a human mistake in the typing and such, but that would be from me!  God's love is perfect though; and His messages will be consistently speaking to you! God loves you! 

God understands we are not perfect!  

Do you know God has a plan for you?  Do you know that God is more concerned with where you are today and where you are going, than where you have been?

Have you ever thought about this?  

God imagined you before you were born; and He had a plan from the very beginning for you; and that plan is to have a relationship with you!  

You are immensely and incredibly valuable to God!  God loves you!  Jesus loves you!

I pray this is a blessing to you; and helps you believe in God's love that is for you!

Will you pray and talk to God?  Come in the Name of Jesus and tell God you believe in your heart and ask Him to help you grow in your faith. 

Love in Christ, 
Karen Rowe

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