10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) - Matt Redman (Best Worship Song Ever) (with Lyrics)

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The power in a word 
is in the understanding of the power the word has! 

What is a Blessing?

A Blessing is a gift from God that we receive

with Praise and Thanksgiving!

The power in a word is in the understanding of the power the word has!

Praise and Thanksgiving blesses the Lord from our Soul!   

Think of your Circumstances right now; and you will have a choice to Praise God for the blessings He gives; or complain to God about all that went wrong in your day!

Which choice is a blessing to you?  And what is a blessing?

Blessings are a gift to us, but so many people miss out on blessing God from their soul.

It is not about the thing God does...It is about the relationship that grows strong with Peace, Joy, Wisdom and Power that is available to us when we walk blessed in Jesus! 

Do you have questions or comments?  I invite you to message me; I would love to hear your thoughts.

In a pile of small trials, everything 

can seem bigger!

A Change of Words is Powerful!

A Burden?
A Curse?
Gossip growing confusion
Death A Separation from God
Flesh is uncontrolled emotional human

OR A Challenge?
OR A Blessing?
OR A Confessing transformation
Spirit is self-control spiritually in God's will

If you planted a garden, wouldn't you want the garden to grow?  

Wouldn't you want the garden to bare fruit or vegetables?

Wouldn't you want the same fruit as the seed?

The Bible gives us a fruit to recognize and this is called the fruit of the Spirit!

Suppose you planted just for kicks a seed of a nuisance tree...like a gumball tree in the same place ... not really expecting just one to grow.

Now all grown up, which tree do you see?

The qualities are evident as much as apples are experienced on an apple tree!

The qualities of the Word of God (our seed) are a miracle that grows inside us; just a much as an apple seed will grow a tree that bares hundreds of apples from one tiny seed!

Our words are important to bare the fruit in our life that Jesus gave all He had to ensure we had all we need!

The power in a word is in the understanding of the power the word has!

Perspective Changes everything, because perspective changes our words and our attitude!  

God's Holy Word aligns our heart to grow the seed of God's Holy Word to become a tree that bares good fruit.

It is all about God's Love that we learn how to abide in from 1 Corinthians 13!

The Choice in our Perspective directly affects the core of who we are!
  • The Choice in our Perspective is to be like Jesus and be with God!
  • Or, Reject Jesus and steer away from God.

The difference is 
  • my will unaligned with God's Will;
  • or God's will aligning my thoughts!

Are you blessing God or complaining to God?  The difference will directly affect your inner personal peace and joy -your strength and ability in the Holy Spirit to overcome!  

In other words, God's Holy Spirit only dwells in holy places.  
Our question is to test our heart -not God!
Is our heart holy ground (Jesus filled) and being gardened with good seed (God's Holy Word)?

Not that we are holy, but that Jesus is; and God's Word is holy; and God's Spirit who dwells in us is Holy!  We are credited Righteousness (Praise God!), but we are being made holy for the sake of Christ; and for our own benefit!

Can you find some Scriptures to support this?  If you need help or have comments, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Holy Spirit Stepping;

 Verses Unholy spirit steps

Open your Bible and remember that man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes from the Mouth of God!

Can you find that Scripture?  

Remember that Satan knows the Word of God too -but his agenda is not of God!

I would love it if you would email me that Scripture and share your thoughts with me!

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