Who is Jesus to you? 

 Who is Jesus to you?  Have you experienced God's living presence with you? How about God's Son, Have you experienced His love envelop you?  You can.

The biggest lie in the world is that life with God means giving up your life! The Truth from my experience is that Life with God is finding your LIFE; your blessed life that you were intended to live, with God!

The Truth from my experience is life with God means understanding that Jesus is "The Way" to give up sin and the penalty of sin ... in order to live well with God!


Not that we are perfect by any means, but Jesus is; and step by step, by the power of the Holy Spirit,  he helps us learn a better way of life.

We can know right from wrong; our job is to learn and change when the Holy Spirit convicts our heart of the Truth!  Choosing our blessed Life with God / God's way, according to what we can know about Jesus, God's Son and the Bible, God's Word, through our helper, God's Spirit! 

God's way is always right and good!

1st, however, Jesus is our Savior, we just believe God's Testimony about His Son and accept God's Truth as absolute for our own (believe & receive) what Jesus has done for us with a grateful heart, because we needed Rescued from the consquences of sin and we need to be sanctified daily (rescued from daily temptations), because we are not perfect ~ We need our Lord to guide and help us! 

We could never do what Jesus has done! As our Lord, He is our spiritual hope/strength/joy, spiritual courage/faith and spiritual comfort |confidence/peace to pass all these tests that we must go through, like college eduction to prepare us for greater service and to reach our purpose!

Greater is He who lives in me than he that is in the world:  God doesn't leave us in our trials, He leads us through them [like climbing up a staircase] to higher levels on a mountaintop with Him!

Jesus is our HOPE: 

Hope is that one thing that keeps us tied down when our emotions want to run out of control.
"Discerment is our spiritual ability to distinguish God's thoughts and ways from all others."



Admitting to God and Believing we need Jesus equips us with our Wisdom from God to do the good things in this life that please God; then, we know that Jesus is our friend.

Something to think on ~

There was TheTree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Disobedience to God was the sin that brought harm to the world; harm that we were sheltered from and warned about by God.

Sin has always had the penalty of death -Separation from God, who is the goodness and abundance of life. However, we each have a choice to make: to seek the Truth of God and be saved (from this separation) His Way, which is the One & Only way, through Christ Crucified and living in Resurrection. We have the same choice today that Adam and Eve faced all those years ago: Disobedience from doubt; or Obedience with trust; faith, hope and love.

Faith is from God and is for our own good. Come to Jesus, the "The Tree of Life" and find your life with God which is filled with faith, hope and love!

What If?

?What if ~ Adam or Eve trusted God more? What if they waited on God to clarify the absolute Truth (their Faith in God) before they made their permanent choice {based on Genesis 3:1-6] before they chose to believe the manipulated truth -doubting God? Of course, we are back to believing ... Believing the Bible is God's Written Word: (Please read Why I believe the Bible and make up your own mind).

Don't make the same mistake that Adam and Eve made in the garden -Confused by partial, twisted and manipulated truths from the one who hates you and God! Yes, I said "hates" and I will say it a little different: Satan hates us & God's hates sin! BUT God loves you!

And we are back to believing again ... Do you believe in Heaven & Hell? I pray you will read more and make up your own mind, because when you read the truth from the source of the truth, you will know the truth, because of the conviction power of the Holy Spirit. If you don't read the Truth, your faith will not grow! I hope you read more on this site and in my new book, The Train Whistle (completely based on the Truth), but most of all, I pray you read the Bible; and make up your own mind about such things as the absolute Truth.

Don't be like Eve and decide you know more than God; or like Adam and just follow along; seek God's thoughts directly from Him.

God loves you; and He invites you to meet His Son Jesus and be saved from the penalty of sin (separation from God) by placing your believing faith in Him to experience LIFE! Seek the Truth; the absolute truth until you are convinced of the truth by the power of Wisdom that comes to us from God!

Come to the tree of life (the cross); kneel at the feet of Jesus (your Savior) and accept God's Grace (BELIEVING He has shed His blood for you) -Once for all who will believe.

“Because the life of every creature is its blood” (Leviticus 17:14) and “I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life” (Leviticus 17:11).

The Savior of the World Offers HOPE to you!

Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life!


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