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Welcome to Hope in Today Ministries!  
I am Karen Rowe and I am so glad that you have come visit our website.

We hope you will find what you are looking for here.  

This ministry is about something very real in this broken world:  Hope! We are here to remind you that there is Hope for you in this broken world!

Will you take a moment with me to learn about God's Love for you? 

Would you like to learn how to forgive?  
Would you like to learn how to be comforted?  
Would you like to learn what peace is; and how to find peace in your life through Christ?

Would you like to learn what joy is; and how to choose joy in your life?  Did you know why the Joy in the Lord is your Strength?

Did you know that joy is a choice for you to choose?  Do you know how to make that choice for joy in your situations and in your life?  

Do you desire change in your life, but is fear gripping your heart?
Do you need something, but don't know to miss what you don't know is missing?

Are you afraid to hope?  
Are you afraid to be disappointed in love again? 

Friend, if I can call you friend, there is ONE who loves you like no person is capable.  We live in a broken world, but there is ONE who has been sent to restore and equip us, by God's grace, with PEACE, JOY, HOPE, and LOVE.

Perhaps you are wondering what Peace has to do anything you are dealing with?  What is peace?  What is Peace?  What is the power that God has left us and how do we apply Peace to our life's troubles?  Jesus gives us the peace of God that directs our paths ...  Peace requires a trust in God and also in Jesus.  Jesus is Peace.

Are you willing to hear about what I have to share with you today, which is HOPE?  Yes, there is hope for you and in your situation.  There is a Way!  And there is a truth we won't deny or boast in.  There is a Wisdom that will require you to trust God and surrender to God's will for you.  But there is a way and it is good!  There is a truth that will set you free!

It is appropriate that I say now, that Jesus says, "Come, and follow Me for His yoke is easy and His burden is light." There is a power in God's love and we should never forget that there in nothing that happens to God's children that is beyond God's hope that He gives to us.

Did you know that you have a helper to get you to that place you are trying so hard on your own to get to.  You are not alone! There is a way and His Name is Jesus.  You have a helper!  God has not forsaken you, He gave His Son for you to live.

God loves you!

Would you like to learn about God's Love for you?  

Would you like to learn about your hope in this world and the help that you have as an opportunity?

If you will allow us your time, I would like to share my faith in a good God and How Jesus makes a difference in my life because I believe and my hope is set in Him.  Not that I escape troubles, but I overcome by Grace with Peace and Joy and ability to rise up above the troubles to grow in my faith each and every time!

I have been tempted to give up.  But God as my witness, He has been by my side to help me; and God will help you too.  I was comforted by God; and now I can comfort by the same comfort that I myself have received from God.

I am overwhelmed by God's Grace sometimes.  I want to share what I know about God's Son with you, who is your help and your shield; your Peace and your joy. Your Wisdom; and your Truth, your Way and your Life that is with God.  

I hope this is a help to you.

I invite you to leave your questions or comments about how this ministry is blessing to you.  
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We would love to hear from you:
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Love in Christ,
Karen Rowe
Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.
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