The Answer is Bless the Lord!

Good day to you!

The answer to all we need always begins with remembering whom God is!

So then, we begin our Prayer with Praise and Thanks Giving words to God, who already knows our every need.


The answer is that we have learn how to ask God to reveal His will to us in Prayer!

The difficulty in prayer is not faith.  The difficulty in prayer is obedience, which is faith's foundation.  Then, "we can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13)."

Obedience to God helps faith as no other attribute possibly can!  

Will you pray this prayer?

"Lord Glorify Yourself in my body at my expense!"  

I just did; I just prayed this prayer this morning.  Because it is all about Jesus; and faith moves mountains for God's glory to be seen!  

"Who am I?" to get in the way of God's work for the good of another ... just because someone hurt my feelings; and I am feeling too proud to bow down to Christ for the good of another (yet once again) for the sake of Christ, which is for the good of all ... who am I to get in the way of God's work?

Surrendering to Christ builds faith, because this is where God will move!

This is where your needs are met, by coming into full obedience to Christ.

Surrendering to Christ is where we experience the fullness of the work of Christ who lives in our heart!

Will you  allow Jesus to rule your mind for the sake of others?  

The answer is freely giving Jesus the reigns as Lord over your life -unconditionally coming into obedience to the will of God.   And, then you will find that all your needs have already been met by the grace of God!

His righteousness goes before us and His mercy and goodness follow us all the days of our life!  Praise God for HIS faithfulness!

The Question really is, will we remain faithful to God? 

This is the Answer!

I hope this is a blessing to you!

Love and prayers in Christ,

Karen Rowe

Hope in Today Ministries  

Discover The Power of Love!  

Sometimes we want to rush in and do the surgery, but our job is to love!

Can you remain faithful to LOVE?
God IS Love!

Can you remain in step with the Holy Spirit.  The teaching that we do is loving enough to remain obedient to LOVE.  

Can you remain faithful IN Love; and allow God to do the work?

1 Corinthians 13 gives the secret to life to the full (LOVE)!

Jesus says to remain in HIM and HE will remain in us! 

We remain in Jesus by remaining in LOVE. 

Study the characteristics of LOVE. 

1 Corinthians 13:3-8 tells us what LOVE is... and what love is not; What love does not do... as well as what to do to remain in LOVE! 

This scripture of Love instructions gives us a great gift:  The secret of living a life filled with joy, peace, hope and love.

Will you strive to apply LOVE to your life Today?

Do you need HOPE for something?  We all need HOPE!  God's secret is found in LOVE ... Remaining in LOVE gives us real legitimate HOPE! 

"Love never fails" is not only a promise, but a guarantee from God!!!

I strive daily and I encourage you  everyday to examine your thoughts, listen to your words and watch your actions ... and examine these things against the characteristics of God (LOVE)!  

Building your life on the foundation of God's love will change your life! 

I began examining my behavior while teaching my children at the same time about how to apply love steps to every situation that is difficult!

We would examine the real issues that we could change:  Our heart and mind and reactions!  I began to learn the power of Acting with God -instead of reacting with emotions!

..."Am I being kind to ..."  "Am I being patient with ..."  with pauses..."Love is not easily angered" 

"Love is not self seeking" 

You too will experience an amazing transformation by applying these scriptures, because there is power in God's love; and God is the same God for you as HE is for me!  

Ephesians 1:18
I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,

We have used them all and continue to remind ourself daily as we keep our self in check with God and the characteristics of LOVE.  Love never fails!!!  Love always perseveres...

Then take LOVE to a new level in your life...Love always protects!  How could your words and actions protect the heart of those around you?

May God's grace and peace be with you as you enjoy unwrapping God's greatest Gift...Jesus...remain in me and I will remain in you remaining in LOVE!

Love in Christ,

Karen Rowe

The key to victory is to stay close to God.

Submit yourself to God to know better than you!

Resist the devil...yes, he is real...he is doomed and his days are numbered...But in today, we face that struggle that requires us to resist!  Today, we need to actively oppose and take a firm stand against anything that is against God.

Come near to God...with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith...You can come near to God because HE wants you to and has made it possible...Just spend time with HIM...It is not hard...

I find that God will listen when I have pitiful prayers...but HE still loves me!  God loves you too!  HE already knows what you are might as well tell HIM and open that line of communication that the door of pride has closed. 

We have a choice!

There is a pattern that never fails...Bible reading, prayer, and meditation!

Ask God to help you apply HIS word to your life.  I do!  And God does amazing things!

Pray to God and tell HIM your heart...HE already knows, but HE loves for us to trust HIM enough to tell HIM our heart as we seek HIM for guidance and help.

In Prayer we are talking to God...

When we read the Bible, God is speaking to us. God speaks to us through HIS living WORD, the Bible!

God speaks to us!  The almighty God is with us...HE should have our full attention...we should seek HIM in every instant! 

God is our security in all things!   No problem is above God! 

We have a choice...God calls us to come near to HIM...HE does not shove, push or pull us to be near to HIM...HE calls us...HE knocks on our door, so to speak, but if we don't answer, HE won't barge in!

God is the perfection of utmost respect!  God is precious pure love!  God is all powerful...and over and above all things...But God gives us a choice!   God gives us a choice  because HE loves us...not because we have a right.  How can you refuse HIM now???

Raising kids is a parent we can lean how to balance pure and whole love with needed discipline to survive a good life...I like to try to model my life after God and when I do all just works out!  And when I do it my way, I usually stumble...

When I am nearer to God... I am nearer to success!

Won't you just talk to HIM today?  He IS awake and HE has been waiting patiently for you to call on HIM.

Do I really have an issue?  Do I really have to change?

God is so good to us and quite frankly, this world is hard to live in sometimes.  We need to know that we are not alone in our struggles!  So I share in mine.  I just thank God that I know HIM well enough to patiently endure and that I trust HIM enough to obey!  CUZ I know how beautiful life can be when we just trust and obey!  So I share hoping to encourage someone to read the Bible, talk to God and allow Jesus to shine God's light on the very things that we can't see that hinder our ability to live the VERY life that Jesus died to give us!

Last night I told my husband that God never tires of fixing us, BUT I DO. So once again, God is teaching me about me and what I need to improve on IN me...This time I feel like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed almost me not sure that last little bit in the tube is worth bothering, BUT apparently God wants a pure heart in all areas...
I share because it's tough and we all go through these things. When we feel like we are spiritually/emotionally/physically struggling...remember Jesus..."remain in me and I will remain in you" by remaining in LOVE we are remaining in Jesus..."Patient, Kind, NOT envy or boast, or proud or rude or is not easily keeps no record of wrongs. ...does not delight in evil but REJOICES WITH THE TRUTH. It always protects, trusts hopes and always perseveres. And when we remain in ALL OF these qualifications...LOVE never fails!
Perhaps someone is feeling distance to God...kind of like I experienced yesterday???  God hadn't gone anywhere...I had something that I was allowing to grow in my heart that was creating distance between me and God.  Last night, I ran through the qualifications that meet God's standard of love and with one particular person, I fell short on a few of them.  So now I need to deal with allowing Jesus to perfect my heart because alone we are powerless against things that come against us...BUT with Christ, I can remember that I CAN do all things through Christ who gives me strength and wisdom!  I can be better!  I can change! 
Have a blessed day...may it be good and if not; may we experience the day with God's grace!
Love In Christ,
Karen Rowe
PS...I feel God's Spirit grow in me just by admiting this defect in my heart.  When we admit that we have an issue, that admission opens the door for God.
When we try to run from or hide an issue, that opens the door for Satan!  Satan will encourage the very thing that keeps us down...with half truths...we may be justified, but not the judge; Satan may even convince us that we have truly forgiven, but in looking deep down. Are we keeping a record of wrongs toward another?  We may think that we are not proud, but is pride standing in the way of opening our heart?    
God is not only great...God is good!

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