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God's Gift to you through Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.  And, To God be the Glory.  We say, Thank you Jesus!  And, we hope this is a blessing to you!

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Hope in Today Ministries is NOT here to discourage you,But TO bring you hope ...

FROM where you are at ... TO where you are going; And to God be the Glory!

All because God has SO loved you!

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"The Train Whistle, Sounding the call of God's love," [2012 Published for you],  by Karen Rowe

The Train Whistle, Sounding the call of God's Love

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P.O. Box 441, Efland, NC 27243

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We hope you will read this book with God to learn more about God's love for you!

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Pastor Jesse L. Alson had this to say about The Train Whistle:

 "During these troublesome times, holding unto faith can be a challenge when you are tossed from side to side daily by trials and tribulations that seem to have no end. ...

However, it is our hope in that very moment that our faith in a God, whom knows and sees all, has already worked it out. It is the evidence of things unseen, an assurance of peace of mind (Hebrews 11:1).

The Train Whistle reflects your Hope in a book that offers the unbelievers an opportunity to study and get acquainted with a true and living God whose LOVE is so great that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16)."

In a world that sometimes only wonders, Karen shares her story of how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit made themselves real to her in a very special way!

We believe in your worth to God and in His love for you...but it matters to God what you believe!

Once you find Jesus and Repent, you begin to rise up above what the world has to offer!

Captivating and intriguing, The Train Whistle will show you God in a unique and genuine way that will encourage you to stop and listen for his call in your life. You will learn more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit so that you can fill your cup of knowledge. You will also be encouraged to trust God in a way that will inspire your faith to grow abundantly. Author Karen Rowe, through her truly inspirational book, will show you the Lord on a higher level than you have ever seen. He can be experienced in your life if you will let him in! In a world that sometimes only wonders, Karen shares her story of how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit made themselves real to her in a special way and how they can make themselves real in your life too. Pick up The Train Whistle today to learn more about God and his love for all! 

Tate Publishing Released Date: April 24, 2012

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