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Lots of remodel and construction work on the inside the summer of 2014; and we are growing as God ordains!  

We have noticed that the transformation in the physical office is relative to the transformation within the readiness and preparedness within Hope in Today Ministries.
Hope in Today Ministries outreach doors have opened by the grace of God through out the years and especially seen in 2015!

We hope to be a light of Christ in all we do from within our inner being transformation as we continue to do God's work for Him; and for God's glory to be seen!

Something amazing is happening!  God prepares us and then all of the sudden we begin to see change, growth and growing unity in the connections God opens doors to!!!

This is to God's glory and a praise to Him alone!  We thank Jesus for this opportunity to serve God through Jesus and the capacity of God's love that God has poured his compassion into our hearts to serve!

In 2014, I would smile when people asked me what we were going to do when we arrived in our new location.  I replied, "I don't know what we are going to do when we get there, I really didn't, but I knew that God is moving us there; and God has been showing evidence of our faith!  So, we just showed up and now we are beginning to see the miracle of being obedient to God!

Hope in Today Ministries, along with the goals from God He is pouring into the heart of what we do is a "work in progress" as God is the one who is growing us into what HE wants us to be!  

God is meeting us right where we are prepared to be in this ministry!  Inside and out!!!  

We are transforming and we praise God and to Him is all the glory!

We hope to serve God well in all we do!

Love in Christ,

Karen Rowe, Director

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.

Teaching how to walk blessed!

Blessed Beyond the temptations of torment in

Doubt, Fear, Frustrations, Discouragement and Confusion!

Teaching how to Pull up the Covers of God's Holy Spirit Fruit!

Read the beginning & the elementary process that God took me through to get me to see this teaching series!!!

From this "Make your Bed" Writing, by Karen Rowe, God later revealed to us a HUGE blessing of revelation knowledge to teach!  More to COME!!!

Current Teaching!  

How to Survive in this World after the Miracle through Jesus! 

What is a Miracle?  Can you name some miracles in your own life that you have seen?

Why did Jesus have to Suffer?

Why are you Suffering?

Teaching what Integrity means and why God's Word is so important to God.

Teaching God's Way!

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