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Perfection is Over Rated! By Karen Rowe

Beautifully commercialized, we know exactly how we are to look beautiful!

Wonderfully understood, we know exactly how we are to fit in and be acceptable!

So, why is it that no one seems to measure up to the exactness of the expectations of perfection in the world?

Until we are rescued from this notion of worldly perfection, we will always be left striving to meet (and accepting) something less that was never meant for us to meet alone, because we were made for so much more!

I want to share the imperfections in my 25th wedding anniversary this year!

And this I share as a praise; not a complaint!

I am neither bragging /nor complaining, but sharing, because I adore my husband and I am certain that my husband adores me! Yet, and said with smiles, there are moments in our days if you would peak through our window, that one would wonder if we care at all; and there are times that I believe that we wonder if we care ourselves; again this is the truth, but said with smiles! Although widely accepted as the normal, my husband and I refuse to waiver from God’s Holy Word; yet sometimes we fail, because we are simply not perfect … (yet).

I believe that we are learning how to love and be loved more and more every single day!

I believe that growth in God’s love builds our self-confidence in love; marriages/dreams/visions/faith!

I believe that anything good that is falling apart, is failing, because of

  • missed expectations
  • and the temptations to give up and throw away all that is waiting ...
  • all that is waiting on you as a single person
  • all that is waiting on you and your family as 2 people and your children; and I say this, because my husband and I have a normal marriage, but we operate in the love that our marriage is based on with God at the lead.

If expectations of love are not met, then is the love not there? Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! But did we meet our expectations of what this big day would be like? To answer that question, I will pose this way of thinking.

Our marriage was never based on what was defined or not defined by what the perfect marriage should be according to TV; yet there are many old fashioned shows that offer this same guidance.

We have never put restrictions or obligations on the things of this world to define how, or if our marriage is worth celebrating. Of course we have mutual boundaries with all of God’s recommendations of mutual love and respect ~ 

but no silver bells or fine cuisine on this 25th wedding anniversary!

What we had was real life love in full action!

Is it allowed and acceptable to be mad at your husband on your 25th wedding anniversary? Is it allowed and acceptable for your husband to work and get home later than expected on your 25th wedding anniversary? The answer is yes to both of those!

Marriage is real life and a 25th wedding anniversary is a celebration of what made us earn the title of being married for 25 years, which is being true to our feelings/emotions, but working through them with respect and with love in all things.

By being true to our self, we can be true to each other; but being true to anyone, including being true to our self, begins with being true to God…

…Showing patience, when the other one is not kind; or showing love and compassion and understanding when the other is doing the best they can is part of remaining true to the love that remains pure in our lives that joined us in marriage to work together forever; till death do us part, as helpers!

Love is the Perfection of all things, because God is love!

God is the love that joined us together; and it is this perfect love that makes all things perfect!

Jesus is the Perfect One! So for our 25th wedding anniversary we were real; and late or not late, real love is the most precious gift that we can ever give each other, regardless of the special day that the world has promoted to mean diamonds and spoiled riches.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with those things; and I am not saying that we never give gifts, but I will pose this to you to ponder on:

  • Do you need things to make you feel loved?
  • Or do you need to just be loved?
  • The fact is; you are loved!

Understanding how to experience knowing you are loved,

and also very special; comes from the realness of God alive and active in your own heart!

It is important to understand that we need to know God’s love for our self, before we can give our heart to someone else. And this is the same for maintaining this love!

 In our marriages, love begins in each heart that is joined in the same unique Agape love!

We give love in different ways, but part of love is how we receive the love that is given.

I would love to encourage you to look at your husband or wife a little deeper today, because love goes much deeper than that the love that money can buy. And as for me ~

I believe that these things are the root of that “bitter envy and selfish ambition” that God’s Word warns us about ~

  • In which God’s Word also gives us the solution:
  • “If you harbor bitter envy or selfish ambition, do not boast about it; or deny the truth.”
  • [See James 3:13-18] And through this Scripture we can learn how to evaluate the good vs. bad wisdom that come to us.
  • And we can learn how we can eliminate the bad wisdom by resisting the temptations to be “bitter” and “easily angered”
  • Instead, we can open our heart and quiet our mind to fill up with the good Truth in the Word of God, which is pure and holy and based on love!

Many times, people just give up too soon on good dreams and visions in life in general.

Today, I encourage you to pray and open the Word of God seeking understanding before you step out away from God’s good plan for you.

Remember, in all things,

Pressure usually gets its hardest the day before the most awesome day, -breakthrough!

If we will just resist the temptation:

  • Which is to throw our hands in the air and throw it all away too soon,
  • then we will see what God was leading us to
  • –as God was leading us through
  • (if we seek HIM –as we know what we are going through);
  • then we will see what God already knew, when we finally get there! You see God knows the outcome, we just feel the immediate … that is why we need to ~ 
  • always remember that God loves us and we can always trust God!

Don’t give up on God ever…Don’t give up on HIS Word or things that are blessings in your life.

Learn what it is to be blessed and how to live blessed!

Love is the need that is needed in this world; but love is not being met in a way that the world understands ~

because the world is not seeking Jesus; the world is seeking self-gratification. The world is not trusting God; the world is trusting things that are failing them.

And in a marriage, Learn how to communicate your hurt feelings in a raw way through a prayerful conversation just the three of you: Husband <GOD> Wife; and find out that love heals with few words; and many times just a glance, smile or just a hug is all you need to know that the love is still glowing for you alone!

God bless you in your Today of where God is taking you to be!

Love in Christ,

Karen Rowe

What is God calling YOU to do that you feel you cannot do?

I encourage you to have spiritual HOPE like Peter did when he walked on the water to Jesus!  Get to know the Word of God and understand that no obstical is too big for God to get you through successfully!

Truly, God has used my every weakness to get me to my purpose as far as it depends on Today!  When I was weak, God was Strong; when I knew nothing, God knew it all, when I had no vision, I had faith with a hope to offer and God had this plan for me before I could even see this purpose!

Faith is an amazing gift from God that many times we give up on too soon; or underestimate the power of faith!  At the end of every obstical, we can see God's plan was to teach us something, so in every trial, we are given an opportunity to learn!

If we knew all that God knew, we would not need faith; and this is why we need hope!  God says to persevere and be sure of what we hope for!

I would like to thank God for this opportunity to serve HIM!

I would like to thank you for your time today!

I believe that God led me to do these things that I do for Him. I also believe that God will be the ONE who leads you in your reading!

I hope you take time to read in each subject, because these are the things that the Lord has led me to write for you to build your faith in the same God I serve.

Our trials and fears become our Testimony, if we don't allow them to terrify us; if instead we commit our mind and heart to be faithful to God and keep our eyes focused on Jesus!


Testimony Time!

To God be the glory, this site has enabled me to share my first testimony! I have tried to shorten it over the years; and in the book, I shared deeper revealations as I have learned and come to understand better, but I realize the power in the original words.

I had never written anything before; and I had only begun to read the Bible!

Years later I look back and I am spiritually fed by these words like I didn't write them, because the experience was from God; and words were not from me!

It is my privileged to share my testimonies with you to bring glory to God and hopefully increase your faith in your believing heart; or help you believe to find your faith for the very first time!

This is the power of God! That HE can take a simple girl like me and not only put the desire on my heart to share like this, but HE equips and enables me!

"Roll your works upon the Lord (commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and) so shall your plans be established and succeed.   


A man's mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure (Proverbs 16:3 and Proverbs 16:9)."


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