November 25, 2003

Dear Friend,

I want to tell you a story about God’s love.  This is my testimony in truth and witness of four different visions from God.  God gave me an amazing blessing involving rain on my birthday this year and it’s too big not to share.  This inspired me to write to tell of three other experiences involving visions that I have witnessed throughout my life.  

In addition to "The Rain," 

  • I will describe a childhood vision of Jesus;
  • Talk about a miraculous four-leaf clover; and
  • Portray in words the night that I witnessed an aura of light filled with God’s Glory.   

All of these stories are true, and I am telling them from the heart in the best, most truthful  way that I can; and although  my testimonies  are not  professionally written, my words are inspired by God.  I have encircled these testimonies with words of revelation that have come to me since "The Rain" through God’s Grace. 

God shares His Grace and gives blessings personalized for each individual and I believe that when blessings are received, they should be shared by being a witness to God’s Glory.  For God’s Glory and by God's Grace, testimonies can build and strengthen faith; and may help another find God and be saved through the love, sacrifice and resurrection in Jesus Christ. 

I pray that each person who hears my story can sense God’s power and Glory and know by faith that He does directly reach out spiritually and physically with His love.  

Praise God for His Glory of whom He IS; and His commitment to help us find our way to Him -and all that He has to offer to us; here on earth and in Heaven. 

The Rain 

I’ll begin my first testimony about rain by explaining why the rain has significance to me; and how it relates to my story.  It was pouring the rain on my very first birthday and to my knowledge it has rained sometime during the day every birthday since. I have always felt a blessing with the rain and have come to expect the rain to complete every birthday.  This year, I was waiting on the rain, as I do every year, but did not expect was about to happen.   

I had just taken my daughter, Amanda, and her friend, Alan, to Bible school.  As I walked them in the church I could strongly feel God’s presence, so I sat in the back pew a few extra minutes just to enjoy God’s spirit.  I felt very privileged, just to be there; and thankful for everyone and everything in my life.

After a few minutes  I left the church still full of God’s love and began walking back to my car.  As I was walking, my attention was captured  by the sound of falling rain drops from a very large magnolia tree.  I looked to my right from where the sound had come; and then to the sky, because my first thought was that it must have rained while I was in the church -but it hadn’t.  Soon I would know that those water drops represented much more. I heard them, but  can’t remember specifically how many there were, just a few and enough to capture my attention; Then they were gone.  

Then within seconds of these rain drops, immediately to my left, miraculous streams of water came up out of the ground and formed three sets of three -each set formed by three streams of water.  Each stream in each set arched upward as a sprinkler would do, although they were not part of a sprinkler. 

[2011 note]:  God through His transforming love imprinted something on my heart that day that has changed my life forevermore!  Still to this day, I am gaining more and more understanding as God enables me to understand.

I pray that God will bring understanding of His true character to you as you read.

The arches of streams came up out of the ground one at a time and crossed each other with a captivating sound!  Each stream of water was equal; and each mimicked the perfection of sound, sight and essences as a mirrored image! 

Captivating, they were with a dramatic theme that I knew was with a message from God!  Even before I began to understand the trinity; or God's love; I experienced his pure and perfect love! 

There was a deep down conviction in my most inner being that God was revealing something to me in these streams of water!

2011 Note:  There was an excellence in the presence that was with this miracle!  "Captivating" is the word that I always tend to use when trying to describe what I witnessed that day!  They have held my interest and attention toward God for all these years in a powerful way!  I have come to know God's pure and perfect love!  God's message is simple, He loves you!

Each stream of water and each set of streams served a purpose - just as God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three, yet One.  The streams of water were directly from God; and it is uncanny -the resemblance of how I experience God!  

Each works for a purpose -always united; together as ONE!  Perfectly structured as a truine set, but destined and refined as strong for a purpose as an individual. 

Literally, cascading and captivating, streams of water came up out of the ground!


  • There were three streams in a set.
  • There were three sets in all. 


2011 Note:  Cascading, God's love is like a waterfall descending over you flowing in abundance of his love for you. 

  • Pure and perfect; unconditionally...
  • God loves you and He wants you to come to HIM and simply be loved.

Unity and harmony are words that these streams of water represented:  Each steam and Each set were of an obvious ONE existance -strong together according to a purpose that was already established in ONE.  Yet at the same time, Each stood strong for an established individual purpose -but never away from the unity in one! 

Peace and harmony are words that they represented as [each of the unified sets cascaded away -allowing the next to appear] and I have come to understand that this essence is God in existence of the Trinity.

As a structured set, each set performed in perfect unity.  Each set was well defined in the beauty and majesty as they represented the same:  Individual; yet all together.  Three was the number that has stuck with me: Three arches and three sets with the message of complimentary unity

Each stream was set apart as special!  Each stream was undeniably purposed to be complete as one, yet at same time, powerfully united as three -because of the full structure of ONE.  The streams of water were all well-defined as individual, yet positively completed perfectly -as if waiting together as they existed -united as a set.  There was definite pattern with a definite message that was meant for me to understand!   

Set patterns of three at a time, each set strategically complimented the next -seemingly to introduce the next set before the preceding set began fading ; or cascading away.  In such a way as one began -it was perfectly completed as if making a statement.  Then, as one ended it only faded away -BUT only to return again in the same exact miraculous way. 

Just before one ended, the next one began introducing as an overlap with no end.  Then, as if seconds sounded off as one, two, three and in three set patterns of three; they were gone -disappearing as fast as they came. 

There were three sets of these patterns of water arches, and each one was perfectly synchronized, and unusually dramatic, appearing from nowhere and only lasting a couple of seconds, before cascading away.  They were perfect in rhythm and had a captivating sound, with such majesty and Glory that can only come from God.  Even though they only lasted a couple of seconds, they made a huge impact on me. 

There are no words to accurately describe what I witnessed, but I can tell you that  they definitely captivated my attention in a moment of time that seemed to have no limits on time -like slow motion that has no end to perfection. 

I paused a few seconds, trying to comprehend what had just happened.  Then, still in a state of amazement and wondering,  I slowly continued to walk, completely unaware of what was about to happen.

In  just a few more steps, as soon as  I turned the corner of the church,  a circle of rain  immediately  appeared over a very tall tree that stood immediately in front of me!  The rain formed a circle around this very large tree and it appeared to be falling from the top of that tree, not so much from the sky.  Words can not begin to touch the beauty that God created, but I can say that  each beautiful stream of the rain was well defined,  perfectly straight from the top of that tree to the ground! 

The falling streams of water shimmered and formed a complete circle around this tree.  The entire tree was encapsulated  by this extraordinary rain; and not only was it the most beautiful rain that I have ever seen,  the essence around it was amazing in that I knew it was sent with God’s essence the second I saw it. The truth is that God’s Glory was undeniable!  I truly felt the most amazing peace and joy. I could sense God everywhere, the rain sparkled with His Glory,  and the Holy Spirit filled me with God's love -full of energy; peace, joy, hope, love and faith.  

I wanted to walk in this rain.  Kind of corny I know, but quietly I said to God :  "If this is the Rain you have sent me for me birthday, I will walk in it!"  -YET still with a hint of hesitation; almost as asking for permission in this way to show my appreciation for this gift.  However, as soon as I began to walk into it,  the rain dissipated.  I am explaining to you,  that it lifted upward,  and disappeared with me,  as I walked through it. Then, it was gone, disappearing as fast as it came.

Two things were obvious to me: 

  1. One, this Rain was a gift from God.
  2. Two, I was not allowed to walk in it.

I was truly amazed  and maybe,  the most amazing fact about this rain was that it did not come from a rain cloud.  I looked up at the sky to see the clouds and to my surpise, there were no clouds over this tree.   The sky was blue!    I do not remember feeling any wetness from the rain either, because it was not just a gift of rain, it was God’s spiritual essence, in the form of rain.

I could sense God everywhere!  The rain sparkled with His Glory and the very essence of God came inside of me!  I felt no pain, just a calm happiness and my spirit was full of energy, love and faith.  I felt overjoyed and immediately, I knew that this rain was sent diretly from God, as a sign of His love.  Words can’t describe the awesome beauty of God’s divine love and Glory! 

God’s love is amazing, powerful, and unlimited!  God is so awesome; that truly -He loves each of us as if there were only one of us! 

2011 Note:  God loves you in this way that He has sent His one and only Son into the world for you to know and believe; with a purpose that you be saved to live with God forevermore. 

I "felt" [was internally touched to experience], the Glory of God and that was the beginning of my personal relationship with Him.  I "felt" so filled with His glory, that I can’t even describe and I have found an almost constant peace and happiness. At times my soul fills so full of God’s love that my innermost being feels larger than my body and I am sure that this is just a small amount of HIS ultimate power.

My eyes and mind were opened  with a better knowledge and understanding, of the way God wants me to live and the journey that He wants me to take.  God is still putting my puzzle together and my life is enriched with each  piece that He adds.  Mostly, I feel closer to God and Jesus.  Since the rain, I feel the closeness of Heaven, a strong sense of, and a real, spiritual, life-line connection to Heaven.  This feeling is very real and amazing.

I thanked God that day, and continue to thank God every day, not only for His gift of rain, but also, for His constant, unconditional love and forgiveness.  I am praising God now for all that He is, and all that He does.  God’s Grace is beautiful and too large to fully understand.  I just wait, in admiration of Him, for His divine inspiration and guidance.

The thought that comes to my mind most often is that God loves each of us equally.  With the many more important problems in the world, He took time for me!  But I also believe that He showed His Glory to me so that I could be a witness for Him.  The message is that God loves you!  God loves you with a pure and perfect love!

I have experienced God’s presence many times.  Sometimes for no reason at all, sometimes when I have prayed, and sometimes, when I needed him the most.  Now,  Let me tell you my second testimony.

Seeing Jesus

When I was a kid, around 9 years old, I was walking through my grandmother’s kitchen
and I remember seeing Jesus!  As I was walking, I glanced to my left and I saw Jesus’
face smiling at me.  His heavenly apparition was in the corner  above the kitchen counter top.   That is where he was.   He presented Himself  almost  like a three-dimensional picture, except He was real.  Innocently, and childlike,  I said, “Hi”, not alarmed to see Jesus. I felt like a member of my family was there that I hadn’t seen for a long time,
but still felt comfortable with their presence near me.  My mind quickly shifted to thinking, that was impossible and it must be a picture of Jesus, so being in a hurry, I looked forward and continued  taking  my next  step.  Immediately, I stopped  in my tracks. I realized  the  fact  that my grandmother did not have a picture of Jesus there.   I knew it must really be Jesus, so  I  turned   around  to talk to Jesus, but  the vision was gone. 
I had seen Jesus!   That sentence cannot convey,  how incredible I feel,  even today,  when
I remember that moment.  It was comfortable seeing Jesus, because He loves us.  I could see and feel  His love and compassion. I have always  vividly remembered that moment, just like it was yesterday  and it has strengthened my faith many times over the years.

When life gets tough and we get weak, we need to remember how much Jesus loves us, because He understands life’s hardships and temptations.  He, Himself, was tempted, but only Jesus could be perfect. We should not put our exceptions or hopes and dreams into people or material objects  because they will disappoint us almost every time.  We should instead, put our trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus.  We should say out loud, “Jesus loves me and I Love Jesus and Thank You, Jesus, for your blood,” Amen!  It saddens me to think of all the pain and suffering that Jesus felt in Calvary, and it humbles me to know that  He unselfishly and willingly made that sacrifice for me and you.

A smile can lead someone to Jesus because  when Jesus is in your life, He shines His light in you.  You can feel the light and others can see it through your happiness.   Jesus is so much more than just those words.  He Is The Truth, The Way and The Light! 

Years later, during a time when my dad was very sick, God was with me and my family side by side, non-stop, at a time when we needed Him the most!   One night, when my dad was in the hospital, my mom, brother and I, although in different locations,  were  saying similar prayers for my dad at the same time. Later, we all remembered this evening and confirmed that we all felt an angel’s touch of comfort on that particular evening.  My dad was blessed with a miracle at that time  and later with many more miracles from God,  for which he  has given his own testimonies.  I mention this because I am still in awe of the power that God has, of His mercy and His willingness to give miracles and blessings freely; all that He asks from us is love, faith and obedience.

I am very thankful for what God did for my dad and for my family. Praise God for not being part-time and for unconditionally watching over and taking care of us all the time,  not just when it is convenient; He understands and takes us back with love and forgiveness, unlike human nature to hold a grudge against a person.  He is with us, always with such an amazing, constant, parental type love.  He is there, when we accept him, but also waiting with open arms, when we come back to him. We couldn’t ask for anymore, and yet we do, and He continues to give us even more blessings.  We should thank Him, through Jesus, more often, because, what if He treated us, like we, so often, treat Him, and He just blessed us when it was convenient?  Thank God, that is not the case.   

If it doesn’t seem as if He is answering our prayers, remember that God always has a better plan. The Bible is our guarantee.  We may not know what that plan is, but as long as He does, we should not worry.  A local church quoted that “Worrying just questions God’s plan".  God has perfect timing. It is not for our understanding if we get different or delayed answers!

Now, I want to share two more true stories about visual experiences, sent from God  that comforted me during my dad’s battle with illness.  I will start with my third testimony. 

Visual Blessings

One night I was restless out of concern for my dad, but I finally fell  asleep.  I was awakened by a Spirit from God.  I witnessed an aura of light in our bedroom. It was an amazing aura of light with a spiritual essence, which radiated from within and around  the light and brought a calm peace to the entire room. The light was heavenly and  appeared in the upper, left corner of our bedroom between two adjacent corner windows.  I felt  the Spirit’s calming presence and I was filled with joy and peace.  I  received a message that left me confident that my dad was going to be okay. All of my worries were gone and replaced with God’s loving comfort.  I knew that God, with all of His Glory, had a plan.

Very soon, I woke my husband, Robert, up and although the light was gone, God’s presence was still strong in the room and Robert felt God’s essence and the same comfort that I did.  We rejoiced together and thanked God for this blessing!  I slept well that night, because I knew by faith, that Jesus was with us all and that God was watching over and taking care of  us. 

There was a second time that God formed a visual blessing letting me know that my dad was going to be okay, which leads me to my fourth testimony about a miraculous four-leaf clover.

Four-Leaf Clover

I was sitting with my daughter in the park, outside the hospital.  We were sitting on the ground with our legs together, “criss-cross applesauce,”  looking for four-leaf clovers.  We had been looking for a while in the same, small, isolated area of grass between our legs with no luck.  Honestly, there were no four- leaf clovers.  I had combed through all of the same grass over and over again that filled the small area in which I was looking! 
I told my daughter that four- leaf clovers are hard to find, but she insisted we keep looking, so I did, hoping to find a tiny, hidden clover.  After a couple more minutes  of exploring the grass  and with my head already bowed,  I just closed my eyes without moving at all and said a prayer.  I prayed to God for my dad and for strength for my family. 
As I prayed, I "felt" [experienced God's Presence] my prayer being answered.    I "felt" the warmth of peace and joy inside of me.  God, again, left His message that my dad was going to be okay.  I was so calm and with my head still bowed,  I opened  my eyes without making a single movement
 there was the most beautiful, perfect, four-leaf clover towering tall above the grass! There was nothing tiny about it.  It stood about an inch above the groomed grass.  I could have seen this awesome clover just by walking by and yet it was not visable to me in a small area, while in a sitting position, with a direct view.  It was not there  before I prayed, but God put it there in perfect form, as a sign, not only of His perfect  love, but He was, also, comforting me with a message that my dad was going to be blessed with a miracle.  I was in awe to see God’s power first hand and was so excited. This gift was indescribably amazing!  I showed it to Amanda and we talked about God’s love and His blessings. 

I felt God’s presence, through faith and prayer, and God gave a visual, touchable blessing,  as a sign of his ultimate power and Glory.   I thanked God, praised Him and excitely picked the clover for my dad.  I couldn’t hardly wait to show my mom and dad this heavenly clover, and to tell them about God’s message.  Amanda and I practically ran back to the hospital, picking wild flowers along the way, because she wanted a bouquet of flowers to take to grandma and grandpa.   When we got to the room, a lot of things were going on, and my dad was in a lot of pain, but I knew, that God was there, and in God’s time, my dad would have better days. 

The next day, to everyone’s surprise, my dad was out of the bed, down the hall enjoying a different view, smiling, laughing, telling jokes and thanking God for all that God had done for him! 

It is an awesome  privilege to be loved be God!  I can’t thank Him enough for all that  He has done throughout my whole life.

Sometimes,  I wonder why are we so surprised that God makes promises and keeps His promises?  He doesn’t let us down, but we can lose our direction in many different ways, including  by putting our own expectations and time limits on God’s plans. We should not be discouraged because God is listening and is never far away.

I believe that it  is important to know  that even though I had received an amazing blessing,  directly from God, and most of me expected a miracle,  part of me still questioned  if I had  interpreted God’s message correctly.  I had no doubts that God was conveying that my dad was going to be okay.  I just did not know, for sure, if God  meant in Heaven or that my dad would be healed here on earthEither way, my dad was being taken care of by God and I had faith that my dad would be better.
I continued to pray for a miracle and I am telling you the truth  that each time I prayed for my dad and felt God’s Grace, the very next day, or sometimes,  the same day,  he was better by leaps and bounds. Even the doctors gave God the credit for my dad’s  miraculous recoveries. 

I did not always feel the same overwhelming essence with every prayer as sometimes, but we should not be discouraged because God is listening and is never far away. 
I feel blessed to have such a powerful and loving God who loves us and gives us strength and guides us by faith.

God already lives inside of us when we first believe in Jesus; and HE has planted a seed inside of each of us to do something special.  The rest is up to us. In our search for our purpose, all we have to do is believe in God’s Glory; trust Him and obey.  We need to have faith to be obedient [faith to follow Jesus], feed that faith [by reading God's Word] to stay strong, and be motivated -only by our love for God and not to gain self-recognition.

Our time on earth is our journey to Heaven.

I used to hear the words of “turning your life over to God” and even though, it seemed like a good idea, I just wanted to be part-time. I didn’t want to take the time that I thought it took.  I really did not know what it meant, because I thought I was already committed to God and any more dedication would interfere with fun and clutter my life, that was already too busy.  I couldn’t comprehend how my life would change.   I also have thought that maybe my life would be dull and boring by just going to church all of the time.  I have been intimidated by people, who I have described as someone finding religion; I didn’t realize they had discovered the beauty of God in their life.  They knew what they had found was too big not to share.  I did not understand this, and felt like not only was my faith insulted, but felt as if God was being pushed on me.

Ultimately, what is life without God? Our time on this earth is short, especially when compared to eternity and our life ahead of us is our goal or should be,  and that is Heaven.  God designed Heaven and that is better than any design for a home that I have ever come up with, designs that I have always thought have been as perfect for  me as could be.  But God did the perfect design.  He managed to make a home perfect for you and me.

I already knew then that there was God who created Heaven and Earth and everything in it, but now I have God in my life and there is a difference

When I totally turned my life over to God, I began to live and it is awesome!  I am not going to say that I am perfect and don’t have a bad day, because I do.  Sometimes I fail miserablely and it takes my every effort to get over the anger.  I got a ticket for not wearing my seat belt the other day and I got angry, even though I knew in my mind that I was wrong.  I just couldn’t get past that feeling for a while.  God was patient with me, and although I’m not  sure that I deserved HIS patience, I felt God’s love as HE forgave me.

Spending time with God, doesn’t take any more time than I enjoy giving and I still enjoy everything that I always have, just with more meaning: Riding horses is not as scary, boating days are prettier and more peaceful, nature walks are more inspiring, shopping is more prosperous, family and friend ties are closer.  God helps me be released from selfishness and resentment of only wanting to help those that I have judged as being worthy or not.  That is not how God wants us to feel inside or treat each other.  God just wants us to love everyone and to help each other, even if it is only one-sided every single time.  God replaces those overtaking feelings with the best inner peace, that comes from giving and sharing of time and material objects.

God is everywhere, not just in church.  The clouds are his artwork in the sky and His Spirit is everywhere; He is the calmness in a room, a breeze swaying the trees, the grass blowing in the wind, the tranquility of the water, and the majesty of the mountains.  His essence is everywhere, and HE created all the beauty around us for us.  Turning your life over to God merely means loving God, meditating with God and being thankful.  The rest just falls into place.

I have listened to a couple of different pastors saying the same message, that sometimes just a smile can lead someone to Jesus.  That is so true!

What I have discovered is that  when Jesus is in your life, He shines His light in you.  You can feel the light and others can see it through your happiness.  This is so amazing to me!

You can too:

I was saved years ago, by saying a prayer along with a television ministry, asking God to come into my life, for forgiveness of my sins and by thanking Jesus for dying on that cross for my sins and by believing and praising God that Jesus Christ IS risen!  Years later, I had the privilege to be baptized; and that is when even more amazing things of God began in my life!  Jesus gave us the gift of Eternal life, not only life, but life in Heaven.  I believe that Heaven will be like the most perfect, beautiful  and happiest day here on earth, only without the bad.    

My faith has strengthened even more since the day that God gave the gift of rain.   I have discovered that life is not about the world making me happy or staying on a weekend schedule of fun.   It’s about serving God and I have found more happiness than I ever looked for.  God will replace overtaking feelings with peace.
I have remembered that God created and loves everyone and it is not up to me to approve or disapprove of anyone’s behavior and that I should love them, even if I don’t like their  behavior or choices, because God loves us all and He does forgive. I have learned that
I am much happier when I don’t judge and when I try to be a more giving person.

I am learning to walk better in my faith with God and although I know I am not perfect, 
I am striving to be a better person every day.
  I know that sometimes God lets things happen  as a reminder that He is in control.  We need to stay strong in our faith through good times and bad.  Put your trust in God at all times.  I believe  that if anyone turns to God, any time or any place, and invites God and Jesus into their heart and opens their lives for Him to come in,  He will be there.   I know, now, that God enjoys being with me during  times of happiness and joy,  just as He has lifted me through bad times. 

I’ve learned that the more I walk in faith and obedience, the more I "feel" [experience] God’s presence.

  • If you are born again, I pray that your faith was strengthened a little today;  If you have never known how to be saved, God is waiting on you!

No matter how good of a person we are or how many good deeds we do, we have to accept Jesus as our personal savior to be born again and go to Heaven.  God made that rule, I didn’t but He made it simple, because He wants your to be with Him forever in Heaven!  The only way to Heaven is through Jesus. The only way to peace on earth is through Jesus!

Jesus is the truth, the way and the light. He paid the debt for our sin that we could not pay and He is risen and very much alive today.

Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died for our sins and that He is Risen and  just say a simple prayer to God, in your own words, asking God for forgiveness of your sins and for Him to come into your life:

Dear God, I know that I am a sinner and I have broken your rules, but I know you
love me and you sent your son, Jesus, to die for my sins and that He rose again. 
I now place my faith in you.  Amen. 

It is that easy.  Just thank God for your new life and salvation through Christ Jesus!

AND THEN, I wrote the book!   This IS your season to KNOW Jesus as your Personal Savior!  And, Today is a good day to grow into your maturity (character) in your faith, because you are made to be for "the praise of the glory of His grace"!  I Share My Testimonies to Help You Believe!  I hope you will pray about reading The Train Whistle, which is written to encourage you in your faith to KNOW how much God loves you!

During these troublesome times, holding unto faith can be a challenge when you are tossed from side to side daily by trials and tribulations that seem to have no end. However, it is our hope in that very moment that our faith in a God, whom knows and sees all, has already worked it out. It is the evidence of things unseen, an assurance of peace of mind (Hebrews 11:1).

 We have a book that we would love for you to buy that will help cover some of the costs to the ministry.

The Train Whistle,Sounding the Call of God's Love reflects your Hope in a book that offers the unbelievers an opportunity to study and get acquainted with a true and living God whose LOVE is so great that "He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16)."

 In a world that sometimes only wonders, Karen shares her story of how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit made themselves real to her in a very special way!

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When God shows you something so great, there is no embellishment needed.
I could not have dreamed these stories up for two reasons:  

  1. God does things that go beyond what I can imagine.
  2. God changed my heart by his love that he has shown me.  

I have learned by God’s teaching Holy Spirit; and I come to you only by the grace of God to tell the world what I have seen -through doors that only God could have opened!  

 Below is a combination of just a few of the God ordained experiences that I have had!  These divine experiences have blessed my life more than I can say ~ in that
they have built my faith in a way that I have been blessed even more and more each and every day!  I share to help you believe too, because these encounters with God's glory all have the same theme:  God's Love!   I am certain that God wants me to say to you:  God loves you!  God's love is pure and perfect: and His love is pure and perfect for you. 

 Jesus is this miraculous love who comes into your life when you first believe!

The following is my first written testimony! Please try to read through even what you do not understand yet! More than ten years later, I still struggle to wrap my mind around what God has done, but something amazing happened that day when those streams of water come up out of the ground! 

And as great as this is: 
God has done MORE

I share what I know about God and Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, because in a world that sometimes only wonders, God has revealed his pure and perfect love to me, first to understand and now to share my knowledge that has come from above; not only for me, but also for you ... for all who will believe!  

"Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance

and longsuffering;

not knowing that the goodness of God

leadeth thee to repentance? (Romans 2:4 KJV)."

In this world, God is many times misunderstood, labeled and forgotten ~ all tossed up to a lack of understanding.  God has called me to tell you that He loves you and you are not forgotten by Him!  I hope you are blessed in your reading today!

Our only weakness is a lack of knowledge! 

We encourage you to pray & read your Bible with God; and we hope that you will read our book too!  God's message truly is simple and meant to understand!

The Bible is

B:  Basic

I:  Instructions

B: Before

L:  Leaving

E:  Earth!

Love in Christ, Karen Rowe

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