Storybook Bibles

Mirror Ministry Prayer Stickers next to the Name of whom receives this Bible!

Beginners Bibles!



Teaching Value and Prayer.  Included with Mirrors with the Mirror Ministry Prayer on the back.

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.
Offering Bibles as a Gift, to you or your ministry, with a Message of God's Love for you!  
The Bible Teaches us How to Survive in this World After the Miracle Through Jesus!

2nd Bible items! 

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc. Is offering these additional Bibles to support your ministry!

Most items are still in stock!

Message me to talk about how we can help you in your ministry!

Love in Christ,
Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc. Also offers these prayer stickers with Mirrors! 

We offer them for Bibles too! 

This is the small prayer version. 

WE offer the larger versions with whole prayer as well! 

Lovely gift to help young & older alike see their self in the mirror as God sees us! 

With this confidence, a reminder to smile for others to see Jesus love alive and believable in us! A message WITH Yes, you are immensely & incredibly valuable to God! Smile, JESUS LOVES YOU!

Mirror Ministry! With Gifts to Offer!

Teaching Value and Prayer.  

Included with Mirrors with the Mirror Ministry Prayer on the back.

Available small and large.

Would you like to receive yours today.  

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc. would love to be a blessing to you, because of how God as first blessed us.

To Know and Believe in the Love God has for us ...

Smile, Jesus loves you!

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.

Offers:  Magnet Reminders!

In Sticker or Magnet form, this message of God's Love reminds us that the Bible is a Help to us whom believe.

These stickers will nicely fit in the inner page of the Bible next to the presentation information ... in a way that does not take away from the Bible itself.

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc., would love to provide you with these Ministry Tools, as a Teaching Ministry & Blessed by God to also be a Ministry supporting Ministries.

We hope these tools will be a blessing to you too!

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.  
Offers so much more!

School Gifts!
Christmas Stocking Gifts!
Bears with a Message Bracelet: Jesus Loves Me!

God has been so kind to us to build this ministry through us.
Now, How can Hope in Today Ministries, Inc., be a Blessing to you?

Love in Christ,

PS: As we set out to travel, message us if we might be passing through to be a blessing of delivering to you!  :)

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