Daily walking with Jesus ... learning by the power of the Holy Spirit; and changing according to the Word of God and comforting guidance from the Holy Spirit; we trust God.  We also trust in Jesus.  Together we serve God by abiding in the Lord Jesus with an honest Motto:

"I don't have it all figured out, BUT God does!  Follow Jesus!"

God is the God we serve.  
It is God we aim to please.
Our focus is on Jesus.
The Holy Spirit is our Help and Shield.
The anointed Word of God is our guide to the structure and organization of Hope in Today Ministries.  This is to God's glory that we please God in all we do!

Unity is by the Grace of God with us!

Mission Statement

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be 

Ambassadors for the Lord 

In the power of His love; 

To teach in the power of His knowledge; 

To minister in the power of His Spirit; 

And to God be the glory!

Love in Christ,

Pastor Jesse L. Alston, 

             Pastor of Hope in Today Ministries

Karen Rowe, 

             Founder, Missionary and Minister of Hope in Today Ministries 

Robert Rowe, 

             Co-Founder and Senior Adviser of Hope in Today Ministries

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