After the Miracle of Believing Jesus in Your Heart, our Duty is to Confess the Benefits of Christ into our Life!

Yes!  There are Benefits to following Jesus!  

We have put together a resource to give you words to confess to promote healing.

If you are lead by the Holy Spirit of God to ask for this booklet, please email me at and request this booklet to be emailed for you to print.

Mirror Ministry Prayer

"Dear Father God, Help Me see Me as YOU see Me.  Remind me who I am through My SMILE!"

This is the Mirror Ministry Prayer!

Many times we can have low self esteem, but God values who we are!

You are immensely and incredibly valuable to God!  God sees you as wonderfully made just as you are!  He looks at the real you and God is well pleased!

We need God's help to remind us of who we are!  And, who we are to God!  

We hope this prayer through what we call our Mirror Ministry is a blessing to you as you grow in your confidence that you have worth to God!!

If you are not smiling, then where is your hope?  Your hope begin inside and blooms from within your smile!

Smile for Jesus to the world, because God has SO loved you and He wants the hope that lives within you to shine for the world to see the hope that is only found in Jesus, God's holy Son.

 As you shake the snow globe and watch the miracle of the snow appear to fall, we hope that you think of Jesus!  We pray that the peace in the life found in Christ finds rest in your soul!

As it is a miracle for the snow to cover the earth and make all things white and brand new, it is a miracle what Jesus has done for me and you!

Think about a snowfall, every twig and every branch is covered the same!  In one snow fall, one snowflake at the time, the world is blanketed pure white with snow!

And so it is with the blood of Jesus!  The whole world is covered by the blood of Jesus; and one believer at a time the Church is being gloried in Christ! Angels rejoice when a sinner believes!

God has covered your sin and mine alike!  Yet, it does matter what you believe!  There is no guilt or shame or condemnation in Christ!

There is GRACE over you when you believe!

Jesus makes your spirit brand new and your choose to believe by faith!  Choose to smile and let old things pass and new things to be!

The Holy Spirit lives in your spirit when you 1st believe God's testimony about His Son; and the Holy Spirit is real and powerful to help our soul continue to believe by reminding out of the truth in God's Word ... just like God is doing for you here today!

And, think about a snow fall and when the temperatures change -as quickly as the fresh  snow will transform the earth; temptation comes quickly with a purpose to steal, kill and destroy the miracle growing in your heart that is alive and growing!  

You may notice your faith at times feeling more like slushy snow that is melting; or your heart becoming hardened like hard and bitter like mudd will begin to blend in the snow?  Negative thoughts are the beginning of a loss of hope with a purpose to dirty up the pureness of your soul to make you feel like your smile is not worthy.  

Learn to recognize the devils attacks and the purpose of the enemy of God that is to steal, kill and destroy!

Shake your Snow Globe and remember who you are!!!

As you shake your snow globe, pray the "Hope in Today Mirror Ministry  Prayer" and remember your HOPE that is real and found in Jesus!  

Remember who you are and ask God to help you smile when you look in the mirror!

This is the beginning!  Would you like to learn more?

Thank God for covering your soul with the blanket of His love!  Jesus is the love God gave the world and the blood that He shed for us does make us whole & as  pure as snow in the eyes of God!


Sin is covered by Jesus, more powerfully than twigs are covered by the snowfall!  The snow is not particular where it falls.  The only thing that stops the covering is covering yourself with doubt to avoid what is there ... Like hiding from the snow under an umbrella. Open your arms up and let God's love for you flow into your spirit!!!

Sin is covered by our all-knowing God! God is not surprised.  God made a plan to help you!  God wants you to remember Him and come to Him as your loving Father through our believing faith in Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God!

The next thing Jesus teaches us is the remove the STONES from our heart!

I hope this is a blessing to you,


The Gift of the 1st Confession!  Are you Right With God?

REPEAT These Words [From Your Heart]

Oh God, I believe Jesus died on the cross

and I believe His Blood paid for my sins

and I believe He Rose Again

and I give Him all my heart

and all of my life

and I am going to live for Him - every day

Jesus is my King

Jesus is my Lord

I thank You I am forgiven

I am part of Your Kingdom

in Jesus name

When you Confess God's Word over your life - Daily - and you begin to meditate on it, it will change your life.

Romans 10:9-10 says, 

That if thou (you) shalt confess with thy (your) mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine (your) heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou (you) shalt (shall) be saved.

10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Snow Globe Ministry

Side by Side the Mirror Ministry, is the "Snow Globe Ministry" which demonstrates a wondrous hope and miracle to hold and see!

Once you choose HOPE all things become possible!

It takes faith to believe and HOPE to find it!

We hope this reminds you that there is Hope in Jesus for you!

See Below ...Shake the snow globe and remember what Jesus has done for you and remember who you are to God ...

Please Pray for God to help you see you as God sees you and ask Him to replenish your hope as fresh as a new snow fall that covers all!

Love in Christ, 

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