What an Awesome Praise Day -Sept 21, 2014

Good morning to you! 

What an awesome Praise morning!

In the mornings when I rise; and I am seeking my energy for my day's tasks; and the Lord's direction for my path along my day's journey, I tune in to to KJLY:  Kinship Christian Radio -A Tapestry of Worship and the Word!

This morning I write to you... WOW! sometimes we can think we are too tired, but there is a supernatural energy that will rise up within us through worshiping God for Whom He is!

We need to hear God's teaching and ministering messages that are for us; and that come to us through other's in ministry!  Ministries Preaching God's Holy Word!   Ministries in song with Songs in praise and worship that will lift your soul higher than any mountain that a man can climb!!!

Today, I enjoy my quiet morning moments looking at landscape pictures around the world ... so many Created wonders to see .... and combine that!! ... with these Praise Songs, and the ministering led by Words to Live by preaching in the Word of God; and testimony and more KJLY Praise and Worship Songs ...

WOW WEE!  The Holy Spirit just takes over and JOY rises higher than a human can reach alone!

Have a blessed day friends; and if you are looking for a church home ... don't stop until you find this place God will take you too! 

Church is not the building you go to:  God is!!!  God is IN the building ... Just as God is here with you and me now!  God's Spirit lives in a believer!  HIS Church's Name is Jesus!

Let's join together and sing Blessed be HIS Name!!! 

Let God's glory be experienced in you!

You will know God's Presence by the peace and joy that rises up from within that place alive forevermore; and living on the inside of you through believing & abiding in God's Son!

It is all about Jesus ...not me; and still it is a miracle that His awesomeness in glory overwhelms us with God's Love in presence!  Can you feel the Unity in Christ?

I hope this is a blessing jump start encouragement to your day too ... rest in HIM and allow His heart to fill up yours!

Love in Christ,
Karen Rowe

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