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A place to find HOPE when things seem hopeless!

You are immensely and incredibly valuable to God!

If you don't know what to believe about Jesus yet, I welcome you!

If you have believed, I hope you find encouragement to be all your are meant to be!

With a vision to reach out with a message of HOPE in Jesus, who is the Christ the Son of the Living God, Hope in Today Ministries, Inc., cares!  

We pray; and simply hope to show God's love for you that is for you not against!

Through the Word of God, and experience, Hope in Today Ministries teaches how to find hope when things seem hopeless; and how to walk in the power of your faith, and into the plans that God has for you -not to harm, but to bless you.  Plans that are established by God for the good and according to your purpose; and intended to succeed by God as a blessing to far more than just you.

Trusting in God and following Jesus is the Way to living Blessed with Peace and Joy; and the Way to finding your every blessing that is set before you by God!

Don't give up before your breakthrough!

God has given you HOPE in Jesus!

As ministries supporting Ministries, I share a few ministries which minister also to me!  I hope this is a blessing to you as well.

Love in Christ,


I hope you have a good day ... and,  if it is not a good day for you right now, I hope you know & hold on to the grace of God that is found in Jesus to get you through well!

My Good morning messages to you is that God loves you!  

Jesus loves you!

God loves you with an unconditional love.  

You may not "FEEL" loved, but God loves you.  

Sometimes we go through trials, but remember we don't stay in our trouble when we follow Jesus!  

Trials are just a challenge to our faith; and an opportunity to show God how much we trust HIM!

God loves you!

Hold on to your confidence in God's love that is FOR you -not against!  JESUS died for you and in HIS Resurrected life you do have certain gifts available to you!


God will pull you through ... just remember to never give up on HIM!


Abide in God's Love!

Make God's Love your HOME!

Remain in God's love!

And trust God and also trust Jesus!  For they do love you immensely!!!

Love is patient and kind toward  others along our way!  This is one way to abide in Jesus and the love of God!

God's love is POWER!  Remain in love and God will remain in you!

Have no fear ... God is near to all those who will believe! 

Will you believe God loved you so much that He did send His Son for you!  The Savior's Name is JESUS!   Call on Jesus and you will be saved!

Believe in God's love for you; and you will see that God will not forsake you!  Then your faith will grow!

God will never give up on you ... don't give up on Him.

Found it!  Wait on Me by Wayburn Dean!  I hope this is a blessing to you!

This is an AMAZING SONG!   Just can't find the link to share yet ... But here is his story!!!   Wayburn Dean (Part 1) - "Never Give Up On You"

Today is a good day to BEGIN to write your story!!!

Good Morning!  Welcome to Hope in Today Ministries!  By faith I have shared the process in how I learned  something good this weekend.   Below is A New Message Waiting For you today!  I hope this is a blessing to someone out there!  

Replenishing in Worship like Fall leaves Make room for Spring, by Karen Rowe September 19, 2015hi

Good Morning, 

We all get bogged down. We get things –and life moves on; and we keep things; and they gather dust; and memories can get cluttered by things. 

Today, I discovered something about me and Creation –As Worship is the power to replenish our soul and spirit, it is likened to cleaning house!

I believe it is human nature, that there comes to be a time after several years that we will get tired of the same oh stuff in a new setting, moving, shifting and dusting around –to the point that we can know we need a change, but can get bogged down in a lack of knowledge what that change needs to be! Sometimes I can’t put my finger on what it is that is bogging my spirit down! Yet, I understand better today that it is the clutter we attain in our life –whether things or attitudes; we have to allow the Lord to clean up our heart, as we clean up our house and things become fresh and like new!

Isn’t our life likened unto the seasons –As Fall leaves fall to bring new life to the Spring –and we have to endure the Winter to get there?

Will you allow me to share the process of how the Lord revealed Worship to me?

Early Friday morning before school:

Daniel and I prayed the Lord's Prayer; and then I taught him we need to get our "bread" Our word from God, Our "Sword of the Spirit" for the day.

Yet, what was our “bread” for the day?

Jesus is the bread of life. Jesus is the Word (The Truth, the Way and the Life) the Word that was with and is God from the very beginning!

Next, God took me to a series of messages and songs about worship! 

Yet, I still had not understood what my “bread / word” was for the day –the bread that I had just prayed for; and prayed to know and understand! 

God uses people to deliver His messages to us! I am sharing this today because I believe this message will speak a message to you that is from the Lord …as well as from the Lord to me.

I began hearing that People are naturally wired to worship. Fans will jump to their feet in a game! Worship doesn't need reigniting, Let Jesus draw us to the One True God. And, we can't help but to worship God who is worthy of all our worship.

I prayed a prayer:

Dear Father, we know it is by your Spirit that we are drawn to you to receive Salvation. We pray for a fresh look ...
As we enter into the weekend, prepare our minds. Thank you for our special blessings and portion of your strength. Thank you for the joy that is here for us in Christ.
We pray in the Name Jesus Christ, Amen.

I received a Scripture:

Today's Word of the Lord
Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD. You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound. I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety." Psalms 4:6-8 

I posted this message about worship on fb; …Yet, what was my “bread / word” for the day? I honestly didn’t know yet! I was thinking that worship was just part of my morning and a good start to my day. I shared this to inspire others to worship, yet I was not yet understanding the message about Worship from God.

I listened to a worship song: "We Worship You Lord!" It was beautiful!  Later, I read in the book of Psalms about worship!

And, I asked this question on fb:

"Will you worship the Lord Today and be filled with His blessings?”

Yet, I still didn’t understand that Worship was my bread / word for the day!

So I was talking with God on the way home:

I was running this fb post through my head driving home and praying. 

Daniel and I had prayed the Lord’s Prayer and ask God to give us this day our daily bread” … 

We went to the Lord to receive our portion in his Word, but I wondered what was our Word today?

What was the message from the Lord Jesus  to help us today???? 

What was our daily bread today?

The answer God revealed to me was Worship! 

I personally needed to learn what God was about to teach me about Worship!

The Lord revealed to me & I realized that our Word from God is "Worship" today! 

Tying in from last night's talk with Daniel in our mom and son talks in those quiet moments:

The armor of God is our focus. Last night we focused on the helmet of Salvation; and its purpose to keep doubt and discouraging thoughts away. 

Our helmet of Salvation is to protect our mind to remember who God is and who we are when doubts and discouraging thoughts come at us!

This is powerful knowledge to understand!

When we remember our Salvation, we can remind our situations!

Then, we can take up our Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God & we can remind our situations who God is and who we are; and we can tell them where to go back to, because of who we are to God .

We must keep our helmet of Salvation on to remember who God is and who we are in Christ!

My son and I were talking on the way to school preventively with the

Focus statement: It takes 5 min to make a mistake that can take a Lifetime to overcome!

Now, how does all this tie together with Worship?

We need to be praying for those people who are struggling from past mistakes!

We need to be in the worshiping place with Jesus for ourselves, but also to be enabled to pray and be a help to others –in Spirit; and as the good Lord leads! We need to be in a worshiping place with Jesus to hear from God what we are to do –and not to do.

Worship allows us to walk in the Spirit –and keeps our minds away from bad attitudes that hinder the action of love and prayer in our life!

And now back to the Word of the day...Worship takes us to that place with God that all things are possible through Christ who gives us everything we need in all things. 

So this writing / teaching is about how great God is ♡ Peace and Joy is a spiritual gift from God

A weekend of teaching from the Lord!

After I finally realized that Worship was my daily bread for this day that the Lord has made (my “daily bread” that I prayed for) –

Leave it to human nature, I was bogged down and couldn’t find my worship! 

I knew God was worthy, but my worship was somewhere buried within me.

"Un-be-known" to me at the time:  I would become bogged down in my worshiping spirit near to God.  I had a lesson to learn about Worship and my lesson began with God unveiling my heart to see HIS!  I had a lesson to learn about my attitude! Once I have aligned my thoughts up to God's will, I am on fire for God in my heart to worship His Holy Name, pray and serve in the power of love!

1 John 4:16King James Version (KJV)

16 And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.

"Worship" was my "Give us this day our daily bread" WORD for day; and now I know well that I will need this WORD Worship alive in my heart every day!

In the effort to find my worship, I understood that my attitude had to be cleaned up by God's Holy Word convicting my spirit to see what the clutter was in my heart!  God's Word gave me a message! I found in the Bible later that night as God literally unveiled my attitude to me in a way that I now understand through God's eyes, what was my flaw / sin was … the old attitude that was bogging down my worship!

After the great reveal of my heart, the Lord replenished me like fall leaves fall and winter prepares and new life spring up in the new season of life!

There was an unholy spirit to recognize that is of pride and conceit that was coming to want to live in my heart, but thank God I knew enough not to let that unholy spirit in my heart.  I just looked at it in the face with human eyes that felt it, yet spiritually delivered from it through the Word of God!

Just as it took my husband to reveal to me what was cluttering my contentment in our home!  I had to get rid of the old to reflect who I have become!  It took the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what was cluttering my Worship.  I had to get rid of the prickly attitude in my heart that had sprung up from my human nature!  I had to be made new in my spirit with a FRESH anointing from the Lord!

Once I took down clutter in my home, such as decorations -home decor that I was holding on to because they once were perfect for the house I bought them for, but now they simply don't fit in my home today –I was released to be who I have grown to become! 

It took my husband to tell  me what it was; and it was like a light bulb that turned on in understanding Immediately!  Freshly inspired, I went right to work and the feeling of freedom and contentment and joy was off the roof! I hope you feel So blessed too and receive your fresh anointing from the Lord!

We welcome Jesus with Praise!  Our mighty God of Love!  We welcome You with Praise and Worship!

Cleaning up our messes –is good for us! 

We have to be willing to change as we grow! 

We have to be willing to let go of the old to make room for the new –otherwise, we will get bogged down in our spirit, by clinging too tightly to things, whether it be materially, one of attitudes, or a mind-set; change is vital for growth!

The Spirit of God is our home with God for Kingdom living on earth as it is in Heaven! 

Cleaning my household home was likened to finding my inspiration in worship!  

Knowledge and understanding was all I needed and as my husband pointed me in the right direction to the clutter that was bogging down my contentment; God's Word also points us to the right direction in our attitudes that will bog down our worship!

Once the clutter is removed, then cleaning is fun and easy! Like dusting a clutter free home, the "dust" of unrighteous attitudes from our spirit become easy to clean away!

Matthew 11: 29-30 "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

Worship to our God is that place in our soul that is on fire with Joy and Peace that overflows from the fresh spirit flowing in our heart from a Most Holy God!  God's Word in Revelation through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to us (Scriptures) is how God enables you and me to become fresh and likened unto His Son!

I hope this message blesses you as much as God has blessed me!

Understanding is a fabulous gift from God!  Seek it!  Believe it!  Live in it!  It is Jesus!

Love in Christ,
Karen Rowe 
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