God Loves You!

Whether you feel worthy or not, God loves you. 

You cannot change facts because God’s love exists as the absolute truth. 

God loves you with all that he is in his love, patience, and mercy; he is waiting on you to believe that his love is unconditional and meant for you to accept and receive. 

You can make God angry, sad, or even deny his love, but you cannot stop God from loving you because God’s love simply exists.

We can walk away from God but he will not leave us. 

We choose to walk out of God’s love and protection, but God does more than not leave us; God calls our attention to come to him. 

His mercy is great as he patiently waits on us to realize how great his is love is. 

He has given us his word and his spirit through Jesus so that we can know him and know his character of who God really is. 

He has given us his Son, Jesus, so that we may come to him. He is offering his hand, but it is our choice to believe and receive his hand reaching in love.

God really does love you and me this much. 

I experience living near to God.  And, through his Spirit, I know that God hopes that you know that he wants to be near to you too. God loves who he made you to be and who he knows you are. 

Sure, God knows your behavior, just like He sees mine, but God still loves us and redirects us to a better way.  We can listen!

Because of Jesus, God sees us clean, and God sees our potential higher than we can imagine.

If we will seek Jesus, we will find God. 

The world is always searching for something that is missing, but it cannot be found through these corrupt ways that is rampant in the world.

Searching for love and a good life ends when we find Jesus. 

We can seek knowledge and understanding in Jesus each day.  The searching ends when we find our life with God through Jesus. 

Searching begins again the moment we quit on God and step away from Jesus.

The living Word (Holy Spirit) lives in us as the written Word reminds us. 

Do you know that God loves you? 

Do you know how much God loves you? 

Do you know what God has done for you, and do you know that God is able to do all things for you? 

God may hate our behavior and our sin, but God loves you and me. 

Do you understand what John 3:16 means to you? 

God so loved you that he sent his only begotten Son that if you just believe in him, you shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).

We have two choices in every emotional pull: to become what God’s Word says we are or become what God’s Word says we are not. 

We are a well-loved and wonderfully created and made by God and are destined to be his children. 

You are saved from the penalty of sin through Jesus Christ, his Son. 

You can accept his invitation. 

Simply confess that you do need Jesus.  That you are a sinner and believe and accept by faith that Jesus died and rose again by the power of God in him, and you are forgiven because of all Jesus has done.

If you can believe, you can receive God's hope and love!  By your faith and in the name Jesus Christ, you are forgiven!  By the power of the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God) you have been given a new life with God!   

It makes God glad to watch us receive his love and forgiveness as we accept Jesus as his Son.  The life is truly in the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord!

I thank God today for allowing me to speak these words to you that are from him to you. In Jesus, you are cleansed of all sin and born again as a child of God the minute you first believe.

Love in Christ, 


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