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Offering Adventure Bibles and Teaching Tools!

New beginnings! 

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc., is taking a new direction, but with the same Vision from God.

Always, as a Ministry Supporting Ministries, it is the Time for this Ministry of God's Word on the Move to move again!

If you have, are a part of, or know someone in Children's Ministries, Here is a couple of things for you to pick up and use!

●NIV Adventure Bibles

Also, great for missions,
PICTURED: These Doll Patterns are available! 

These dolls are made to look like the child & they love them! Boys & Girls alike! Both Dolls tell the story of Jesus & the difference of when Jesus comes in our heart. These dolls also prove to be great teaching tool & gift!

BONUS with the Dolls! 

GREAT Ministry mission for a Life Group for ANY AGE that enjoys crafts, sewing & sharing talents while working together for Jesus!

With each of these posts, message me or call me to talk about how Hope in Today Ministries can work with your ministry. Most of these items are in still in stock & ready to pick up; or I will do my best to drop off ... if at all possible.

Love in Christ,
Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.

Hope in Today Ministries, Is a Ministry Supporting Ministries of God's Word on the Move.

Someone told me about the Ministry of these Dolls and now, I can tell you!

Click here for a Link on How to Sew Dolls: 

Hope in Today Ministries, offers Bibles and supplies as necessary.  And even a helping hand!  

Message me, if Hope in Today Ministries can help you in your ministry.


Turn the Doll over and see the difference Jesus makes in a Child of God's Heart!

Jesus gives a Believer a New Heart and LIFE!


Beads are Colored with a Message of Christ!

* Black:  Sin separates us from God.

* Red:  Blood of Jesus shed for my sins.

* White:  White as snow when Jesus forgives my sins.

* Blue:  Jesus rose from the grave and lives today.

* Green:  Grow as a Christian by praying and sharing Jesus.

* Yellow:  Eternal life in Heaven with Jesus.

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