The attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past!  

The enemy fears you becoming who God has made you to be!

Do you know how valuable you are to God?

You are immensely and incredibly valuable to God!

God saw you in the world as a treasure!  God saw you in this world as needing rescued!  God saw you in the world like you might see this puppy in the middle of a field.  

Would you go into this field to rescue this puppy and give this puppy all that it needs to survive?

I would!  I find this puppy irresistible!  And, this is how God sees you!  God SO loved you in this world in your need even as a sinner in need of grace and God send His only begotten Son into the world to rescue and save you from the things of this world that bring death and destruction!

God sees you as valuable!  Jesus knew the Father's love for you and Jesus knew what He must do to rescue you from things you may not even be aware of yet!  Jesus was the ONLY ONE who QUALIFIED!

Do you know how valuable you are to God?

The attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past!  

The enemy fears you becoming who God has made you to be!

Do you know how valuable you are to God?

The Miracle is when we believe in Jesus as our Savior!  Because it is God who draws us near to believe!  This is how much God loves you!  Do you sense a peace near you now as you are reading this?

Pause and say the Name of Jesus and listen in the stillness of the air you are breathing.

Believe what your heart is knowing.

For when you know and believe in the love that God has for you, you will long to be near the one who loves you and you will believe in God's testimony about His Son, Jesus who died for you so that you might choose life and have life more abundantly!

The miracle is that God has given us the faith to believe; and Holy Spirit in our faith to know and believe in the love God has for us!

Now < How we survive in this world after the miracle, depends on who we trust as our Lord in this world.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to come to you because you believe on Jesus as your Savior!  Ask God to help you and He will send the Holy Spirit to help and guide you to your new life with God.

Life on earth is not always easy, but it is possible when we believe on Jesus! 

We live in a broken world, but we can live in this world as a citizen of Heaven when we place our faith, hope and love in God through His Son Jesus!

There is power in the love of God!

God So loved you that He saw your need in this world to be rescued and God gave His Son for you!

Just like you may go into a field to rescue this puppy who needs you, so did Jesus come for you!

Jesus gave his life and blood for you! This is how much God has loved you and how much Jesus knew you needed His blood to have eternal life that death had claimed over you.

Now, it is a choice to know and believe in God's love for you!  Can you see yourself as God sees you?  If not, pray, God help me see me as you see me and remind me of whom I am through my smile!

Now, by faith, look into the mirror with fresh eyes and smile ... When you know and believe in this love that God has for you ... SMILE, because JESUS LOVES YOU!

God will fill you with His Holy Spirit when you make Him welcome in you!  Ask, Seek, Knock; Pray and invite the Holy Spirit to come and make HIM welcome live in you to help you stay in Christ as Jesus is your Lord.

Read the Bible and know what Jesus would do.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you do what Jesus would do!  And, this my friend in Christ is how we survive well in this world after the miracle through Jesus!

Peace and Joy in Jesus enables us to smile with a confidence that Jesus lives in you; and always remember that is greater is He who lives in you than he that is in the world.

Don't doubt that there is an enemy in the world, who seeks to steal, kill and destroy, but know your enemy and know your God.  Trust in God and trust also in Jesus.  Put your faith in the love of God; not in your situation, but in God and also in following Jesus as your Lord.  This is our joy and our strength to overcome he who is in this broken world.  

Believe on Jesus and Smile from within your believing heart; and let Jesus be seen through your smile. It is beautiful to know that God makes us beautiful on the inside and on the outside ... and this is the smile we need that comes from within!

The puppy does not look into the mirror and pick apart or boast in his or her appearance.  The puppy just is, because he or she doesn't know how to doubt what they are created to be.  Know who you are to God and believe to become who God is guiding you to be.  

God made you perfect, but we are born into sin and with human flaws.  By human nature we doubt these things about ourselves sometimes, but look up to God and believe and strive to know who you are in the spiritual nature and teach your human nature how to behave like Christ.  This is our blessing to overcome the curse of sin.

... and now you have a choice to perfect your smile by believing on Jesus!  The more you practice smiling in the mirror looking for Jesus in your smile, the easier it will be to believe that Jesus lives in you.  I pray Jesus will become your faith and prayer.  

I pray that you will ask, seek and knock ... and never give up on God, because He has not given up on you!  It will be the love of God who will do the miracle in you, because God is love; and you believed to have faith to smile even when you may not feel like smiling ---until you were convinced by His Spirit living in you, because this is your faith; and faith pleases God!

For we know that without faith it is impossible to please God.  God doesn't care if your smile believes yet, God sees the faith you put in your smile, because your heart believes God's testimony, more than your mind can oppose God ... this is your faith to smile until the smile because easy.  Because you trust God made you and your smile is a praise to God for whom He has made in you!  Beautiful you in God's eyes ... Now, let the world see who you are made to be and know that you are well loved by God through His Son and your new life with God on earth as it is in Heaven ... Hallowed by thy Name.

I hope this is a blessing to you!  If you are blessed by this, will you write us and let us know?  We would love to hear from you!

Love in Christ, 
Karen Rowe, Director of Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 441, Efland, NC 27243  

We can pray for others to see the Miracle through Jesus

The Miracle is when we believe in Jesus as our Savior!  How we survive in this broken world depends on who we trust as OUR Personal Lord in this world.  We need the pray for the spirit of darkness to be lifted from the spiritually lost and spiritually blind that they can be drawn by the Holy Spirit of God to seek the light of God to find Jesus.  


Just because some believe, doesn't mean they have made the Holy Spirit welcome in their life.  We can pray for the spirit of darkness to be lifted from those living in a dark world and we can pray for the spirit of light to fall on them to see the love of Jesus with renewed eyes to see.

We can pray to invite the Holy Spirit of God into our heart and we can pray for others too see the light.  

We can pray for the Scales of spiritual blindness to fall off of closed eyes to Christ to see the choice that God has set before us all who will believe!

Set before us is the choice of life and death; of blessing and of curse; God implores us to choose life and choose blessings!

There are those who listen, but don't hear.  We need to pray for the Lord's voice to fall upon their heart to listen and hear the Word of God to be saved and have life more abundantly.


We need Jesus and we can choose the love of God today!  Our job is to love others in Christ and pray for others to come to know and believe that they too shall find the benefits of peace, joy, light and Wisdom that comes to us by God and through the Holy Spirit revelation of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Survival in this World is through Jesus!  We need the gifts of Christ!  We need to make the Holy Spirit welcome in our heart!  We need God's Word that is written to us as our basic instructions of how to survive in this world after the miracle through Jesus!

The invitation is to come to Jesus; and learn about this love God has for all who will believe!  

This is a seed and light from God for you ...

I hope this is a help to you in your day today!

Love in Christ, 
Karen Rowe
Hope in Today Ministries

Will you write to us today?
P.O. Box 441 Efland, NC 27243  

Survive can be defined to the degree of perception.  We are all surviving something at sometime or another.

Yet, Do you know what the miracle is? 

The Miracle is our life that begins new through believing on Jesus the Christ.  The Holy Spirit is a miracle and He comes to live in us to help us and shield us!

We are equipped to survive in Christ Jesus!  Yet, until we know that we can really read to the bible to know God's good moral character and will for our life, we aren't using all that God has provided for us.

Believing is a miracle!  Learning that we can understand the Bible is a miracle!  Discernment is a miracle from Heaven.  And, we need to pray and ask God for His thoughts on every situation and subject we are facing in this world.

I share from my experiences with God, because we are God's gift to each other to help each other in our understanding along our way in this world.  I hope you will sense a Caring Hand up and authentic hope that comes freely to you with an honest encouragement to grow in your faith by prayer!

To me, a friend in Christ is like a friend holding a flash light for another in a dark hallway, so that hidden obstacles in the dark pathway in this world can be seen and passed through safely with God's light of revelation.  God will send down His Wisdom from Heaven to help us, but we have to be willing to want God's help; and obey Him.

Do you know and believe in the love God has for you yet?  We are here to help you see an invisible God through our demonstration of Christ's love for you.  God did all this for you and He used me to get it here.  

I hope you will seek the truth from God; and know that God's love is genuine!  I hope we can help you believe in and understand HOW MUCH God loves you!  I hope we can reach your doubts by sharing our faith in a good God, whom we experience day by day in ours to help you believe in God's love for you.

I hope you will see that although I am not perfect, Jesus is!  I don't want anyone to follow me; I want to allow my life to point to Jesus whom is the one who perfects me day by day.  I follow Jesus;and I hope to demonstrate what a difference Jesus makes in me! 

The knowledge that you find in Hope in Today Ministries, comes from a Truth in Jesus that is embedded in my heart that is made complete in Jesus, with a simple message to COME to Jesus.  The knowledge I share is because God 1st loved me and cared enough to stick with me, teach me, discipline me ... all with a purpose to elevate me nearer to God.  This place with God is supernatural strength to make human emotionally difficult decisions to do the right thing -always, but not always easy.  Spiritually possible, but humanly against the grain of what we see and feel in the natural; yet there is a joy and peace from God that is released when we choose to Worship God by going out of our way to please God and do the right thing!  This is the most amazing experience / miracle to me!  God can change me from the inside out and God makes a positive difference in my life and in the lives of those around me!

There is an unconditional love and forgiveness for you that is from a God, whom does love you; and will help you overcome!  Will you come along with me on this journey and seek the love of God for you in your life?  The Bible says and I will agree, ask, seek and knock and God will answer, you will find and eventually that door will be opened for you at just the right time -when God knows it is good for you and you are ready for the blessing!

If I could hear you say, "Karen, is there even hope?"  God has heard your thoughts; and my answer to you is YES!  There is always HOPE!  And, once you choose hope, all things are possible through Christ who gives you strength!

What do these things that Jesus teaches us mean though? What is the Benefit to us to follow God's way through our understanding of God's Word?  And how do we apply God's Word to our life?  

Come along this great journey with me!  Open your Bible and learn how to learn from the hand of God how to live your life blessed!

I am happy to share with you that the Joy of the Lord is your strength!  If Satan can't get your soul, he will do all he can to convince you to give away your strength to stop you from reaching that high place with God -and or to stop you from sharing the good news in Jesus the Christ -a love from God that you come to know and believe!

Do you have Peace and Joy in your life right now?  What is the worst thing you are going through right now?  God has a plan and His plan is to prosper you; not to harm ... It is all about becoming more like Jesus!  Will you trust God; because you can!

Join me as God leads and let's learn together how rich the glory of God is in the grace and love of Jesus Christ who come for you and me that we might have life and life to the full!

I will leave you with this final thought:

Going to the cross was not the best thing for Jesus, but it was the best thing for us!

We can demonstrate this love to others.  

Love in Christ, 
Karen Rowe

Contact us with prayer requests, comments or questions:

PO Box 441, Efland, NC 27243 

A blessed day is a good day with God ... that the day is received by us with Praise and Thanksgiving to God for the gift of life He gives! 

A day that, even if the day is not treating us so good in this world, God is still good forevermore!  

Like the love of God, unconditionally, the blessing can still be found in the Grace of God to get through our circumstances!  

It is our job to learn how and why to seek the sweet and powerful Peace, Joy and Wisdom that comes to us from Heaven in the Name of our precious Savior and Lord, Jesus the Christ ... in order to enjoy life that is given to us by God on this day that the Lord has made!
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