Can You Hear God's Voice?
"Tess", I believe, from "Touched by an Angel," said, but with much practicality,
"When we pray...people say that we are talking to God"...BUT ..."When God speaks to us, people say that we are crazy." 
God speaks to me, like HE does to many people!  I believe God has, or could be speaking to you right now as well! 
I hear the voice of God through the power of the Holy Spirit -not because of anything I do, but because of Whom God is; and His gift to us -God's Children, who believe and place our faith in His Son, Jesus, who is the Christ the Son of the Living God.  
My experiences with God are from the same offer to you as to me -Because God cares for us!!!
The how I come to hear God's voice; and also discern that the voice I hear is from God is something I can tell you that does come from my faith in what I do!  
I can tell my story hoping to encourage you; and inspire others in your own personal  closer walk with God!  We begin by calling God our Father when we believe in Jesus and pray in the Name of Jesus!  Jesus is our only way to become a child of God!  Once we know we are a child of God we need to act like it and pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us!  In order to be guided and helped by the Holy Spirit we need to align our life with God -God lives in Holy Ground ... If we are living our life's ways in opposition to God, then we are walking out of God's anointing of the Holy Spirit and may not be able to as clearly hear from God to know to do greater things! 
I listen for HIS voice; and I seek to know His will for me and this ministry!  I am patient (by God's grace alone I might add); and persistent -and pray with an expectant heart full of faith -no room to doubt!  I read to know God's will and I find God's Word written for me & waiting on me to read in the Holy Bible!  I read many versions / translations of the Bible, but the Holy Spirit reveals to me only ONE Word of God!
I ask God to speak to me in my heart and my mind; and though His Word and in my ears!  I listen, which means I remember to be patient and still often and ever-ready to hear God's message to me that keeps me moving!
I also seek God's will / vision for my discernment through God's Word.  
Although, I will share more dramatic times that I have heard from God, I will begin with the Most often!
Many times (Always) it takes faith from a only a nudge of a thought or tug originating from within my heart that agrees with God's good Word -God's guide to seeking His will I hear HIM! 
Sometimes, my listening and the answer I receive involves asking "God was that really you?"  Or, "am I just trying to fit an answer into my mind?"  God responds with a confirmation in a way that only God can do, and I KNOW it is a message from God to my heart.
It requires my faith and trust to believe that it was really God speaking to my heart.
When God speaks to me, it requires some sort of action on my behalf!  Again, not necessarily hard, but seemingly impossible to my mind full of logic!  That is where I draw the line of faith and throw out the logic and replace human logic with FULL faith and do as God says! 
If someone asked me, "How do you know it was God?"  I could only say that I believe... 
AND by faith, I just know.  But I can take it a step further by saying that by following God's voice of direction, in pure belief and obedience and in complete faith, I see the miracle...that thing come to pass that God says to do!  With God all things are possible!  I believe! 
God has a small still voice that we CAN hear inside of us, when we listen in silence and with expectation and acceptance!
The only thing that I can add right now is that God is good and HE only asks us to do good!  Christ Jesus is alive in my life!  And HE leads by faith and peace and not by signs.
I read the Bible expecting to hear from God!  Usually, I have an unspoken expectation to learn from God, as I listen for God's voice in scripture...and as I ask HIM for HIS word to me.  I may only read one scripture, or I may read thirty, but I will meditate on that scripture or scriptures, when I sense God's hand there until I hear the voice of God in my life!
So God also speaks to us like this in scripture, but for me it is in a different way from that voice I hear in just still listening about clarity on something specific... to that revelation that I receive in Scripture!
To explain further, sometimes it is a quiet still voice in my mind and my, but not...but with no doubt it was not my idea!  But many times I just know, when I know that I know...with the OH YEAH!  THAT'S IT!  I GET IT NOW! ...And that peace from God floods in my soul to know the truth that God reveals to me in my mind, heart and soul!
EVERYTIME that I hear God's voice, the VOICE that I hear ALWAYS lines up with God's good WORD!  And peace from God is FULL inside me!
HIS voice gives me direction and I follow in faith!  God has NEVER lead me astray!  God IS HOLY and God IS God!  God can do all things, and HE can speak to us in our heart...The HOLY Spirit, I can't explain HIM in full...BUT I do know that God is ONE of THREE! 
I am no one exceptionally special...I just seek HIS face and expect to find HIM!  I hope that someone is inspired and encouraged to seek God's voice today!
Humbly and thankfully, I share this...because God loves you as much as God loves me!  My God IS your God and HE wants us to talk WITH HIM!
God bless us one and all!
With special love in Christ,
Karen Rowe, Hope In Today


God Speaks to us through the Bible

I read the Bible to know God's will for me; in my life, my prayers, my faith, my spirit.

I read the Bible to learn God's Holy instructions to living well; close to HIM. 

I will be learning till the day I die; I am not perfect, but Jesus is and we can learn how to better reflect the character of Jesus by reading Scriptures and listening to God and saying in step with the Spirit of God!Below is a quote that I live my life by and experience God though the power of HIS written Word; as I read with a open heart to hear from God...what HE wants me to know.  I read the Bible to change me!  Through these changes, I can see needs in
other people, but my job is only to love and pray for people; It is the same Holy Spirit who will change others; just as God has first changed me!  We are not the judge...
God is.  Bottom line and final!  That being said, we can know what to pray for as we learn about certain behaviors that are out of line with God's will...We love and pray for other people and encourage them to look to God with their faith.

Quoted from: Bible Readings for the Home (1945 Publication) Contributed by a large number of Bible Students

"The Bible contains proof in itself of its divine origin.  No other book can answer the questionings of the mind or satisfy the longings of the heart as does the Bible.  It is adapted to every age and condition of life, and is full of that knowledge which enlightens the mind and sanctifies the soul. 

In the Bible we have a revelation of the living God.  Received by faith, it has power to transform the life.  During all its history a divine watch-care has been over it, and preserved it for the world."

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