2015 Yes another growth through testimony.  I hope to share soon! Just a quick jot!   

Tonight, I will skip the details and go to the point.

No matter what we face, we can trust God!

Find your footing in your faith before you hear things that will make your faith doubt.

No matter when you find your faith, this is true.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God.  Be sure you are hearing the Word of God more than the world's voice.

Pray and expect God to speak to you!

Patiently trust as you expectantly wait ...yes this too will pass!

Ask, Seek, Knock!

God spoke to us all 3 and everything IS always in God's control!

I can't wait to share this incredible testimony!

Once again in the end, God said, It is finished and in God's time indeed!

Blessings in the Name of Christ,


PS:  There are a lot of opinions out there; and many religions to choose from to believe.

Pick the truth to believe in your heart.  Jesus is the Truth the way and the life.

Believe in your heart that will know.  

God bless and good night.

Just a praise ... Through another Testimony 2012-2013!
FROM "the temptation to fear" Cancer and "the temptation" to fear a lack of control - To freedom in life ...
God spoke to me, "Why don't you go ahead and check yourself?  You've got the time."  I thought "okay" and I did and found a lump that turned out to be cancer.
This was the beginning...
Although time didn't allow me to keep a journal each day from Nov 2012 until Surgery Jan 2013, as my final surgery is still awaiting for this upcoming June, I will update my testimony as the lord leads ... To God be the glory!  I do have a powerful testimony, because God was with me [and literally HE had gone BEFORE me] each and every step of the way!!!
Dealing with the news and the tempations to fear the unknown ...
Walk through Cancer with me&Jesus as I begin my Testimony Dec 2012~ I share because I care for you! I hope this will build you up in your strenth that God has built in you ~ in your very own faith! God bless you and I will try to keep this journal updated and eventually share more details about the inital fears and how Jesus helped me overcome; as, LORD willing, I will share ongoing temptations to fear, but how Wisdom knows that God is with us, so what shall we fear!
Just a quick share from my FB status today to get this jounal started!
The "C" word can occassionally make you want to yell out 'dang it' if you look down every now and then, but I needed a new word (a blessing word/not a curse word) ~ and I got it! Trust God! :) I love it! I needed something to yell out every now and then and now you know, I do not have Tourette syndrome and I'm not crazy, but I do have great faith in a really Good God! Glad to be walking with Jesus!

From my experience so far, that one set of footprints when Jesus carries you, it is our ability to walk in the spirit and not in our flesh! & ♥ From my experience so far, when we show up, God is already there working all things out for the good ~ with a good purpose that we can see the evidence of when we get there ... God has already prepared our way!!!

This is where I am experiencing that we can count it full JOY!  This is the miracle in my eyes! Amazing Grace how sweet it is!

This is my praise Today! God loves me and God loves you and I hope this will build you up a little in your own faith to simply trust God and trust ALSO in Jesus, because it is good to trust God and it is good for us to place our trust in God...We can trust God!
Blessings and keep us all in your most holy prayers; as we will continue to keep you all in ours. Love in Christ, Karen
UPdate: Feb 7, 2013

UPDATE: The Surgery was complete!  No chemo! Praise God!!! & No Radiation! Praise God!!! God has done some amazing things and since Thanksgiving, He has worked so much good through teaching me patience and trust on a new and higher level!

IT IS THE POWER OF FAITH ... Prayerfully, from that very first day of concern the doc said to me "I want to send you where you can get 'the full package' if needed."   Together we sit and let God have His way!  So from the very beginning, I knew I was with God "just one step at a time" and I knew that He was Before me preparing my way before I arrived!  AND day by day, I witnessed the PROOF of God's powerful and righteous hand before me!!!

So step by step, I had my knowledge of God's word to stand on, so each step was firmly planted each and every step of the way!  I had to test the ground a time or two, because of some tests of my patience and faith come to me and I was tempted to change surgeons, but I remembered that God had spoken to me, "You will have surgery.  Have patience; Doctor Amos is your good doctor. And you will not have to have Chemo."

This was powerful in my life and in my testimony!!!

Turned out patience kept me in step with the spirit of God and I found out just how powerful being in step with the Spirit is!  Patience is Faith and being IN STEP with the Holy Spirit / with God is my entire testimony!!!  Not ahead / Not behind, but right on in God's perfect time!  In step was all I needed and more than I could have hoped for!

That day I first heard God's words to me, I said to Him, "Okay, I get that much ... that I will have surgery and Dr Amos is my good surgeon.  "But God, did you say 'no chemo?' Or was that my mind just hoping to hear you say that?" I asked God to help me understand for clarity. 

Time went by and then after a long while...weeks, I heard God clearly tell me with affirmity that I would not need Chemo!  And now this was the message that I would cling to!

God could have easily said to me, "you are going to go through these other things, but I will be with you through it all..." You know, I am no better loved than those who are going through these things…It is all according to the purpose in our life that God has set; and I was prepared!

BUT, according to my purpose, surgery was complete and I heard God say TWICE to me, "you will need NO chemo." Yesterday, the Medical Oncologist confirmed what God had already said!

What is imporant to mention here too, is that remember God told me that Dr. Amos was my good doctor?  Well, as it turned out, not only was Dr. Amos my good surgeon, but he was also my good doctor. 

When I met with Dr. Amos, he smiled at me, because he already knew something in faith, because he already knew me and my faith -and he went through this with me!  When I met with the medical oncologist, I respected him from the moment I met him!  I knew he was my good doctor too!  He reminded me of Dr. Jubelier -my dad's oncologist and a very wise and good man with a huge hard-working heart!  This man was of the same character ... I knew this in spirit!

Robert and I patiently listened to every word he said and then he gave us a choice like this.  "If you are that person who can't rest for fear of 1, 2, or 3 loose cancer cells possibly flowing through your body, I will do the chemo for you, but you are in that grey area where there is not much research to prove that either way is best."  He said like this:  "I am more at risk to get into a car accident."  And that he would never talk me into chemo.  YET, he added that IF I had gone to any other doctor, there are many doctors that would approach my case differently and that they would have encouraged chemo.

I LOVE that I was given a choice!  Because if I had gone to another doctor (I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN WITH THE DOC GOD CHOSE FOR ME ACCORDING TO THE PURPOSE IN WHICH I WAS CALLED)...Remember God spoke to me? ..."Be patient; Dr. Amos is your good doctor."    Turns out , I was in God's directing path for me, according to the purpose in which I was called!

I was given a choice to fear or walk in faith according to what God had spoken to me ... after I "seeked" out God's Holy Will!  You know, my first prayers for me were more of the prayers like Jesus prayed in the garden..."Father, if there is any other way...if I can get to where you need me to be another way, please take this cancer from me, BUT never-the-less, YOUR will be done!"  Not that I am that brave, but that I trusted / and trust God this MUCH ... and in spirit, I somehow just knew that God had given permission for me to go through this; and I also knew I was not alone that HE was with me and that I was in God's tender loving hands!

You see, God allowed me to be given a choice, because if there was NO choice it would not have required my faith, but with a choice, I was enabled to choose by faith!  Faith pleases God, because faith requires trust.

After we all completely agreed on a good choice was made (no need for chemo) ... that surgury was complete (which perfectly agreed with the words that God had already spoken), I looked at my good doctor and said to him, "This is for you... what I am about to say is just a message from me to you that I want you to know that EVEN IF you would have tried to recommend chemo, I would not have changed my mind ... (A mind-set that he would not allow me to state to him, UNTIL he made up his mind regarding my case)...I would not have changed my mind to do chemo... Although I respect you on a high level (I had already told him about my respect for Dr Jubiler), there was nothing you could have said to me that would have changed my faith, hope and trust from being in God... to place my trust in man or science...alone."

He smiled and hugged me with an peaceful and agreeing assurance and he said, "I would have never tried to talk you in to chemo."

I wanted him to know that in his job, there was nothing he could have done in his God given career to have convinced me to go back on God's word.  My faith was set in trusting God's word to me.

And in the end, I was in Good Hands the entire time and still am in my Today and so are you!  God is good and God was really good to me!!!  He placed people in my path that blew my mind away, BUT in spirit, I knew God is Capable!

And God NEVER left me or forsaked me!!!  Sure I had to go through something difficult to face and endure, BUT Jesus went through it with me and in fact, By His stripes I am healed!  It was only a test of my faith and loyalty to God and through it all, others got to experience God's grace who was with me and see just what faith can do!

Praise be to God in the highest! My Jesus is my friend always and forever!!! Thank you for all your prayers and love!!! Prayer is the essence of faith and the beginning of things unseen!

There's more, but this is good to share Today!  Updated April 20, 2013

Love in Christ,

PS, does this mean that I won't die one day?  NO.  But it does mean that I trust God with my life and I have no fear in death, for the ONE who is with me each and every day ... all the way into eternity!

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