A place to find HOPE when things seem hopeless!

You are immensely and incredibly valuable to God!

If you don't know what to believe about Jesus yet, I welcome you!

If you have believed, I hope you find encouragement to be all your are meant to be!

With a vision to reach out with a message of HOPE in Jesus, who is the Christ the Son of the Living God, Hope in Today Ministries, Inc., cares!  

We pray; and simply hope to show God's love for you that is for you not against!

Through the Word of God, and experience, Hope in Today Ministries teaches how to find hope when things seem hopeless; and how to walk in the power of your faith, and into the plans that God has for you -not to harm, but to bless you.  Plans that are established by God for the good and according to your purpose; and intended to succeed by God as a blessing to far more than just you.

Trusting in God and following Jesus is the Way to living Blessed with Peace and Joy; and the Way to finding your every blessing that is set before you by God!

Don't give up before your breakthrough!

God has given you HOPE in Jesus!

As ministries supporting Ministries, I share a few ministries which minister also to me!  I hope this is a blessing to you as well.

Love in Christ,


  • God said, "I will give you the beginning, the end, and I will be with you through it all! "God's Beginning of this book" is on PG: 79; "God's given End" to this book is in found in the middle on PG: 146! God TRULY was with me through it all, just like HE promised! My blessing in the TEN years it took for me to write this book is the life application I have learned through my spiritual experiences & my time through the Bible. I would love to discuss this book with you as you read! Note pages 178, 115, 110, 257 ... There is so much I could tell you behind the scenes!

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