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Claim the Truth! Letting Go and Living Free! By Karen Rowe January 6, 2016

Posted on January 6, 2016 at 8:40 PM

I hope this finds you well!  And, if you are struggling, please know that the light of the Lord is the Truth and the light will lift the control of the darkness away.  I hope to return to edit this, but as for now, I pray that God will reveal a blessing of light to you in your situation.

The spirit of the Lord will teach us in every opportunity.  I believe this is good to share today, because the Bible says "do not boast in, nor deny the truth" in James Chapter 3; and further says in 1 Corinthians Chapter 13, to rejoice in the Truth.   And in 1 James 4:16 we further learn a glorious truth that God is love!  With instuctions from God:  We are to "Abide in love; and he who abides in love abides in God and God in him."  In God there is no lie -Jesus is the Truth; and the truth shall set you free!  And, Patience and Kindness are to be remembered among all good things, always remember to trust God, and do the right thing to please God and that is exactly what is good for our soul!  

Confession is telling God what He already knows!

Spiritual Introduction:

The Spirit of the Lord woke me up with the introduction to this writing that I hope to share with you today. The Spirit of the Lord said, “Have you ever pushed water drops together and watched them merge into ONE drop of water?”

And, just as one drop at a time the drop grows in size, mass and volume, we grow in Christ, who is the Truth. Claiming the truth is God’s way to merge with Him, His power, His authority, His Wisdom, His Peace, His Joy, God’s Holy Spiritual Freedom –in the way we are merged in God's love, the very being or whom God is, through all Jesus has done for us when we claim the blood of Jesus as our spiritual life blood.

What is the truth? The truth is the fact!  No matter of the situations we find ourselves in; nor the good or bad circumstances that we stumble into by choices we make in our life, or the challenges that we are faced with to grow up in Christ, the truth is the fact. Jesus is the Truth and in Him there is power in the truth, because of whom God is and what God values and responds to! Satan wants to lead anyone who will follow astray from the truth, because even he knows the power of God and the power God gives to a man of ingrity to the truth.

There are many spirits in this world –the spirit of darkness, the spirit of confusion, the spirit of alcoholism, the spirit of addiction, the spirit of sympathy, the spirit of laziness, the spirit of selfishness, the spirit of greed, the spirit of anything that is opposed with God’s Word. However, there is only one Holy Spirit and Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life.

The Bible teaches us, do not boast in the truth, nor deny the truth.  The Bible teaches us to rejoice in the truth!

The spirit of lying or denial will work on your emotions with fear and with that fear comes agitation, worry, regret, burdens and a human responsibility to attempt to avoid the truth –but the Truth can’t be avoided; nor can the consequences of disobediance, but the truth will set our spirit free and fill our soul with God's peace and joy unconditionally.  We can only try to hide or deny the truth for a while.  We must be careful how long we entertain tempations of fear to avoid the truth.  The Truth in Jesus is our security!  Always remember that! God is our security and our seal is the Holy Spirit. The Truth is not our enemy –The Truth is God’s Way; and Jesus is God’s living teacher, who is the Truth, the Way and the Life for us to follow God's Way!  

The Bible is our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

So, in all things, read the Bible to fully understand what God’s Word teaches us about What Would Jesus Do! God’s word is like water drops coming down from Heaven for us to merge into the wholeness of God –one drop at a time; and through one challenge at a time. The more we merge with God’s Holy Water of Truth, Life and Blood, the more powerful our spirit becomes in Christ. Just as many drops will form a stream and streams flow and grow into life producing rivers.  

It is no longer me, but Christ who is living in me!

Take all your burdens and anxiety to the Lord –the Holy Spirit is your comfort and Shield. I pray you have made Jesus welcome in your life; and I pray you have invited the Holy Spirit to come live in you that God’s Spirit is made to feel welcome in your spiritual heart ... the true life of who you are and will forever be!

If you have not asked God of these things, take time now and speak in the presence of God and I pray with you.

Let us begin with what the Lord revealed to me yesterday when this writing began:


The Truth is the facts –The Truth is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; and let’s face it, sometimes we don’t like to admit to –or forgive another for the facts that we are faced with, but let’s look at it this way. We must claim the truth and confess the truth, because of the spirits we are faced with in this world are both holy and unholy, we need spiritual discernment and the Truth is the Way!  The unholy spirit tempts from the father of lies, whose name is Satan!  We have been given a simple choice and who to follow has been defined by God!  A choice that is not complicated or hard, but one that is responsible and in the truth, but we each need to read the Bible and pray for ourself that we do in fact know what God wants us to know ... the things God knows we NEED to know to survive well in this world through Jesus!  

Be sure you are protected from lies and the devastation from the unholy spirit that is loosed in this world for a short time longer!  Our great and authentic and living hope is Jesus Christ, God's Holy Son!

God is the Truth and in Him there is no lie –Jesus portrayed the Father God whom is the Truth, the Way and the Life! Don't be without the truth, which is being in God's presence, because there is another who portrays another father that is loose in this world for a time being, and Satan is the emeny of God and the father of lies. Please be aware of your real enemy.  The real enemy is NOT the truth, but rather the one who portrays the opposite of God’s Ways and Word with disception and everything that is anti-Christ.  Your enemy is the father of lies; and his name is Satan. You see him every day through his evil deeds and lies.  But lies ONLY have the ability to manipulate our mind if we entertain the fears that come with them.  

We see Jesus every day through good deeds too! We see Jesus through good men, like my husband, who does things that are not the best for him, but the best for others! Such humility is humbling!!!

Facts are facts, but how we face the facts is vital to life with God and blessings under His care. Our son was faced with this decision in school and the truth has set him free! Yes, there is a consequence for our disobedience to the truth, but the truth is what will set us free! No amount of worrying will change the facts. I taught our son this week, to claim the truth! It is his! Don’t deny the truth or walk around the truth! Claim the truth –and the truth shall set you free –and indeed the truth did set him free! Praise God!

Confess –claim the truth as your own, whether good or bad, claim the truth and be set free in Jesus! We prepare for success in this world –and not always well I might add; but are we preparing for failure? Think about this; how will you react when something goes differently than you hope or expect! How will you react? This is important to get deep into our heart to react with Christ Alive and living in our hearts! This is the power of the Holy Spirit who helps us! Thanks to the blood of Jesus and the resurrection of the Christ!

Our body will even manifest signs of stress which is caused from trying (excuse to fail) in human strength to conceal the truth to somehow hope to manipulate the truth to get away with something –if that were even possible, which it is not, because God sees all and nothing is hidden from his sight. We can delay, but we can’t hide from the truth!

Here is the mindless concern of the world, which is dread, fear and torment, but Jesus sets us free in the truth. Claim it! Claim the truth –whether good or bad, confess it and realize who your real enemy is!

My friends in Christ, I write to you –and to you who will come to know Jesus as your Savior. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come in you and trust God and walk in the truth! Be set free to live and live a well blessed life regardless of your circumstance!

God is always working on our behalf, but what we forget sometimes is the almighty in God who is holy! There are many spiritual forces out there in the world, but only God is Holy! We need to claim the truth and pray for the Holy Spirit to come into our spirit to help us and to comfort us. Jesus did not come to condemn us, but to save us from the spiritual death!

Come alive dear church in Jesus and rejoice in the Truth! Please pray with me for the believers to receive the Holy Spirit. Pray for the darkness to be removed from those lost in the darkness –and pray for the light of God to replace the darkness that God will remove! I have no silver or gold, but I pray for the spirit of darkness to be removed and for the spirit of light to fill you! Stand firm with Truth buckled around your waist. The Truth is the Word of God and is the Sword of the Holy Spirit! Claim it!


A good measure of faith is ”TGIF” which stands for: “Today God Is First” –And, according to the Word of God, Today means every day as long as God calls it Today! See you on the other side one glorious day!


There is more than our human eye can see! Blessings of Grace, Peace and Joy in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord to you I pray. Amen.


Love in Christ,

Karen Rowe

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 441, Efland, NC 27243


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