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Conditioned for a Response -How will you Respond? By, Karen Rowe 11Sept2015

Posted by Karen Rowe on September 11, 2015 at 9:10 AM

Good day to you!  I hope this finds you well. And, if not, I pray you find your strength in the joy of the Lord.  May I share a difficulty from my day with you?  I believe is a message from the Lord to, not only help me, but perhaps also this comes to you as an encouragement in how to overcome the frustrations that do come to us in this world.  The Lord will help us respond!  I thank God, He does! 

I saw a rainbow last night and from my heart, I said; God is so much better than me!  And, I thank God He is helping me become better with each passing day!

Even this morning -I find both opportunity and temptation set be for me as I wake! 

And, I remember the Scripture, "Set before you are life and death and blessings and curses..." God reminds us to choose life and to choose blessings. We can remember the power of patience and the power of responding by trusting God in the power of HIS love! 

*Mediation Scriptures: 1 Co 13 + 1John 4:16

Frustration comes at us as a dart to make us scream, run, hide and hurl insult and blame when things don't go as we think they should. 

The Drive Thru window may forget your favorite part of the combo at the most inopportune time.  Your computer may give you fits right after it was supposed to be restored.  Technolgy itself can be a blessing or a curse to us -depending on our use; and our response.  A member of your family may forget, and it is you who find the mess to clean up, but things are not always as they appear!

At a job site -don't be quick to throw in the towel, seek the will of God for you!  What does God have awaiting for you to find at the end of doing the right thing in the face of frustrations that come to you?  Stay hot after God and seek to stay on His trail!

A co-worker, a friend, a sister or brother; a mother, father, or a child; a pastor or a teacher or just a neighborhood next door acquaintance; a coach, a parent, a player, or the person in charge of making the weather calls at a sporting event; a fellow driver on the hwy or bi-way ... Regardless of our postion in this world, aren't we all people with flaws?  And, don't we all find a need for a Saviour?

I would love to say that I am perfect, but besides the fact that I am not; I prefer to admit to my weaknesses and reveal how God makes me strong to overcome emotional human nature temptations!  In the victory, Jesus enables us to see the treasures awaiting with Him at the end of God's rainbow, called Love!  

A rainbow appeared last night over the ball field!  This was such a dramatic display of the power, perfection and the love and patience ..not to mention mercy of our loving Father in Heaven.  When we deserve something else instead, God paints a rainbow in the sky instead and teaches us by His Grace ...

How will we respond to God's Grace? 

God is so much better at mercy, faithfulness, goodness, ... and patience than we are!  No matter what postion we take in this world as the person we choose to be, God is so much better at being good in everything than we are, but He loves us anyway!  And, to His glory, let's face it:  We love God because He loved us first!

Not forgetting that the world is a believer's enemy; and the devil will use even good people to innocently deliever his firery darts.  Yet, we can remember that in all things, God gives us an opportunity to see the temptation that is set before us; and an opportunity and challenge to our faith to respond with LOVE and respond by HIS grace!

Today, the Spirit of the Lord woke me up with the title of this message:  Conditioned for a Response -How will you Respond?  And, not soon after this opportunity to write on this, I was put to the test to see how I would respond!

Can I share how good Jesus is with you?  Today, in God's good mercy and grace, I have this opportunity to share with you how God enables me to overcome.  Following through with this assignment is the final portion, but the day will continue and I know I will always need to be covered by Grace.  Jesus is my help and my shield, and it is my job to say, yes Lord, I am listening and take that tme to hear.  It is my job to believe ...pray, and study God's Messages to me.

Here is the message God assigned to me today to more deeply learn:

Even this morning I find both opportunity and tempation set before me as I wake.

Frustration comes at me as a dart to make me scream and hurl insult, but instead I take a little walk with the Lord, from where my help comes from.

We have the opportunity to pause and have a little talk with Jesus in situations that come to us to face (not run from or dart away).  Each day, we have the opportunity to remember that we are being conditioned for a response ...How will you respond?

Rmember who you serve ...

and remind your self God is in control ...and open the WORD of God to gain insight into God's will for you.

Will you open your Bible with me to Psalms?  How about Psalm 5 "A Morning Prayer of Trust"

In my Bible, I underlined these words to condition my heart in God's will.

  • Meditation,
  • I will Pray
  • I will look up
  • I will come in thy mercy
  •  ... and in thy fear ...
  •  I will worship
  • Lead me
  • thy Righteousness
  • ...Make thy way straight before my face
  • Let those who put their trust in thee
  • ...Rejoice
  • ...Shout for Joy
  • Let them also that love thy name
  • ...Be joyful in thee
  • For thou, LORD wilt bless the righteousness;
  • ...with Favour... wilt thou compass him as with a shield.

In His continued faithful mercy, the LORD reminds us to condition our heart each day with prayer and God's WORD, so that when opportunities come for a response, we will stop and remember the meditation of our heart and respond in the Name of Jesus with patience, peace, kindness and with authority that God is by our side.

Nothing is out of God's control ... even time is in God's hand.

Better is a minute in Gods' Grace prepared for the day, than an hour spent doing it our way.

God's Way is always sufficient in in Grace.  Pray, meditate on God's Word and know the power in understanding and praying the Lord's Prayer each day.

Grace and peace be with you in the Name of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus the Christ, who is the Son of the Living God. 

Love in Christ,

Karen Rowe,

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.

The Train Whistle, Sounding the call of God's Love


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