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A Father's Love, by Karen Rowe 15July2015

Posted on July 16, 2015 at 9:25 AM

Part 1!

All you need is God’s Love! By, Karen Rowe 13July2015

Love is like popcorn waiting to pop! Love to the world is like a kernel of popcorn –waiting to pop to believe! To see the miracle of popcorn –there is something we must do; just as to see the miracle in love –we must believe with our heart and confess with our mouth …

The Word Brings Salvation

Romans 10:8But what does it say? "THE WORD IS NEAR YOU, IN YOUR MOUTH AND IN YOUR HEART "-- that is, the word of faith which we are preaching, 9that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.…

Good day to you dear reader! I hope you are well! I hope this is a blessing in the Lord to your heart! The Power in God’s love is a miracle; and we can look at God’s Creation in popcorn to see and DISCOVER the white popcorn flower burst into something lovely, fragrant, and pleasant to enjoy!  And a greater miracle to discover is this:

God’s love transforms us –when we come to know and believe the love that God has for us!

I would like to share a story with you about my dad and the love that he has for me and the love that I have for him.

When I was a kid, as a family, we would make popcorn and watch a family show together. My dad loved popcorn! Once, I remember my dad saying to me, “Karen, that popcorn was so good! Would you make me another batch of popcorn; and do you think that you can make it just like the one you just made?” My dad didn't just say the words, there was a certain love expressed in the way my dad's face smiled for me!

I don’t know what my smile must have looked like on that childhood day, but I can tell you how it made me feel to know that I had pleased my dad!  I can tell you how it made me feel to have another opportunity to please my dad!  My heart filled with such a joy; I can only compare it to the love of God and the joy that God gives, because of the love God has for me (and all He has made)!  

To see the love on my dad's face for me, was worth more than anything money cannot buy in this world!

I was so happy to please my dad! I said, “Yes!  I sure can! I remember exactly how I made it!  I will love to!  I will pop it right now!”

I ran off to the kitchen to please my dad!!!  I went immediately with no pause to think and no delay to make another batch of popcorn for my dad and my goal was to make it just the way my dad liked it!  My goal in the love I have in Christ is the same in the way I serve my Father, who is God.  I hope to show the relationship that God wants to have with you as your Father!

My mom stood by my side and encouraged me with her words that we had discovered the perfect way to make popcorn!

I remembered exactly how much oil to put in the pan! I remembered to add the buttered salt to the oil! I remembered to place 2 or 3 popcorn kernels in the oil to know when the oil was at the perfect temperature to pop the perfect batch of perfect popcorn! And, then I remembered exactly how much popcorn to add at just the right time that the oil temperature was perfect to pop the perfect amount of popcorn!

Our goal was to see the popcorn pop 2 inches above the pan to overflow, but the lid would still hold in place!

I popped that popcorn with the love that is in my heart still in overflow to this day for my dad! I popped that popcorn with the love and encouragement of love in overflow from my mom that build me up to believe I could do it –and know I was well loved! She was there to help me all along the way! Together, we were so happy to please my dad … all the while, they both were making me feel SO loved!

The Bible says that God SO loved you; just like my dad SO loved me … and God's Love for us is even greater!  

My dad knew just how to make me feel his love and he would give me opportunities to demonstrate my love for him –and this popcorn story is the perfect example of a father’s love!

I am writing to you today hoping to demonstrate “What is the Father’s Love?” in a world that has misunderstood love. And, to demonstrate and show, “How do you find this relationship with God, as your Father?” The answer is simply believe in God’s testimony about His Son and accept the opportunities that God gives to you to hear HIS message of love to you; and then, respond to this love from God …by saying Yes, I believe!

I shared this today, because perhaps you didn’t grow up knowing love from your childhood father like I did? Yet, I can tell you about a Father’s love that is for you that is even greater than this natural pure and unconditional love that I just described!

My dad was an amazing dad to me and taught me so much about giving, which is selfless love. My dad was a wonderful father and also a child of God just like me and you. My dad has gone on to live in Heaven with Jesus now, but his love for me is still alive! My dad just knew how to love me.

I write today, because not every person has known and believed in God’s love yet. Do you know how much God has loved you? The Bible says that God SO loved you! But do you know how much God has loved you? The Bible says that God SO loved you that he gave his Son for your sins that you shall not perish, but have everlasting life!

This is my relationship with my Father God as well! I am God’s daughter and when I know something pleases my Father, I am driven by HIS love to do my very best to please Him. Then, I feel such a release of LOVE’s power from God! Pure love is of God’s love and can become over-flowing through us when we invite Jesus to live in our life! Because I know and believe in God’s love for me, Jesus is my Savior and Lord –God’s Holy and spiritual love in me through my love in Christ can overflow through me by the power of God, for me and you to know and believe!

Special Delivery to you!  This is God's message of God’s love for you!  

This is a message of love though me, but comes from our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name!

God's Kingdom of Love has come! HIS Name is Jesus; and He is the WORD with and of God who has COME for us!

Will you believe in your heart this love that God has given to you to believe?

It is God’s will for you to know and believe His Love for you on earth as it is in Heaven!

It is God's will for you to seek to find the love and message that God has for you as your Father in your relationship with God as your Father each and every day, beginning Today!

Life begins with believing in God's love for you; and The Bible says, Give us this day our daily bread each day as long as God calls this day Today!  God's protecting and guiding Word to us!

JESUS is the Word God has given us to believe; and Jesus is the bread of LIFE! God is LOVE! Love IS God’s message to us that God IS love ... our message from God to know and believe; and build our-self up in our most holy faith trusting in God and also in Jesus, by praying in the Holy Spirit!

If you think about the process to get a popcorn kernel to burst in to a new creation, think about God’s Love waiting to bloom in you!

Read God’s Word … and pray; as the Bible teaches us to pray!

You can feel the same way as I did in this popcorn story!  I feel the same joy when I please God as it was when I would please my dad! And, just as I know my dad’s pleasure, I know it is God’s pleasure for us to know and believe in God’s love –and I know it pleases God to tell you of HIS love that is for you!

We can have a relationship with God!

God is not a religion!  God is God.  God is the Creator!  God is Love!

God wants to be our Father.  Believing in Jesus positions us as a child of God forgiven of our sins!

When I share my love for God with you, the more I give, the more I feel God’s love swell up inside me. I suppose because God SO loves you He wants you to know and believe!

You see, God is a loving Father and just like my dad loved me well; he would also stand firm with good morals to teach me right from wrong –and sometimes tell me “no” –This is a Father’s love!

A loving parent is not a child’s enemy! A loving parent will go to great lengths to teach a child how to succeed and become the best person they can be!

In my life, I have decided! I am following Jesus! He knows the Way!

Have you made up your mind?

I hope this is a blessing that stirs your heart to seek more from God in your life!

As the good Lord guides my spirit, I pray you know that God does love you with this great love of a Father's Love.  Jesus brings us into this relationship with God!

For all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God!  My sins may be different than yours and some sins get us to the consequence faster ..., but what I do doesn't get me to Heaven; anymore than what I do keeps me out of Heaven.  Jesus died for my sin in all; and Jesus rose and now I live in Him. And, I live for Him!


If you would like help praying to God to believe in this love that God has for you, write me, my husband or the Pastor of Hope in Today Ministries at  We will pray for you and we will pray with you.

If you would like to continue your study in God's Word on A Father's Love with me, I invite you to other posts that the Holy Spirit had me working on at the same time.  And there is a third not posted yet, but I will list here for your knowledge now.


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Love in Christ,


Karen Rowe


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