A Moment with YOU God ... 

By God's Spirit..."Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit," says the Lord of Hosts.
Zechariah 4:6

In each of us there is a longing for a spiritual life...because life without God's Spirit is empty and dark. 

We are not simply body and soul; We are a spirit being with a body and soul; and our soul is incomplete without the fullness of God's Holy Spirit...

God indwelt in us an awareness, a sense that we have a need for something higher; God IS that Someone beyond ourselves...and Jesus is our blood bought, spiritual, emotional and physical life bridge back to God! 

God sent us Jesus to bridge the gap between us and God [a gap created by man's disobedience to Him -Sin]. Many times we become aware of this when we finally come up against something we cannot control, but we can trust God.

What we cannot do, God can!  

Because of Jesus, by God's Holy Spirit, we CAN experience our living God if only we will believe and bless God with our praise!

It is not as much about what God can and will do for us, but rather about what God has already done for you and me!  It is about  learning to deeply know Whom God is and learning how and why Jesus saves!  It is about finding your relationship with God!  It is about believing!  It is about seeking to understand just who Jesus is for your benefit!

ALL that God IS, He still wants to be our Father!  God wants us to come to Jesus ... God longs for us know we are His children...

In spite of all our sin, God still wants to be our Father, because HIS goodness, grace and mercy that is for us (not against us)!  God looks at our heart that all sin is cleansed by Jesus.

God loves us!  Jesus loved you and me so much that Jesus went to the cross to accomplish this restored relationship with God for all!  

Love in Christ,

Karen Rowe

To God be the glory, Founder of Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.

To God be the glory, Author of The Train Whistle, Sounding the call of God's Love

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