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A Love Worth Finding, by Karen Rowe

A Love Worth Finding, by Karen Rowe

Have you ever loved searching through a box of chocolates for your favorite combination of sweet candy delights? How about, have you ever been guilty of doing the “pinch test” to avoid that one you really don’t like?

Going through trial and error in life is like that and the treasure is when you find to discover the love of God whom does fill and complete your every heart’s need and desire. But not without some times of trial. Why? Because God knows we need time to grow in His love. God knows that we can’t truly appreciate His love, which is freely given, until we overcome some adversity to grow in our understanding. It’s not the complexity of us that makes love complete; it’s the matter of the gift God gave; and Jesus makes our heart whole.

Welcome to God’s Box of Chocolates! I pray that you discover God’s love for you in a new way as you lean into your spiritual heart to really appreciate a love worth finding. The spirit of Jesus said to me, this is not a light-hearted post; this is like a box of Chocolates from the heart. Write to the one this is for; and tell them that the gift of life is the answer, and the answer is the love of God in the life. Choose life, says the Lord. Choose Truth, says His Word. And God honors a heart who loves by faith and chooses to trust God at His Word.

But you may say, Not I? You may say, you don’t know …. But God said, write and I say, “Only you know Lord.”

I pray this is a blessing to you!

Open the Box and see!

A love worth finding is one that is of God. A love that is in the Mind of Christ Jesus! Let this mind be in your that is in Christ Jesus. A love worth finding is receiving a love, in which we learn how to love well. A love that is good for the renewing of our soul. A love worth sharing in the newness of our spirit.

This day is a good day to call attention to love.

Whether you are in a good relationship, or not, with a person on this earth; what really matters is that you are growing in your relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Have you come to know God as your Father, who art in Heaven, through and by His gift of love for you, by the Name of Jesus? God’s Beloved Son?

If you believe, will you commit your heart to say that prayer to God Today? Tell God you believe.

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: (Ephesians 2:8 KJV).”

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation (Romans 10:9-10 KJV).”

This is love my friend, that God has so loved you!

Not, 2nd, or 3rd place, but God has 1st so loved you that He has given His only begotten Son, Jesus to die for you, so that you can find life, have life and live life in the abundance of His Grace.

It is in God’s great pleasure to love you!

So, this is love; that God is love; and we learn love is a gift first giving … regardless if love is received.

Explore the Map on the Box of Chocolates

Does this sound like Valentine’s Day to you?

Sometimes, love becomes about an expected gift? We all want what we want! But what is good for us? Only God knows. How can that experience be a blessing to you? Only God knows, but if you stick with God, you will come to understand that God is working all things together for the good to them that love the Lord! … According to the purpose in which we are called.

Could you be going through something, in which God can be a comfort to you, SO THAT you can be a comfort to anyone in any trouble? Thus saith the Lord. ?

But what about the unexpected gift in love ? 1st comes love then comes … adversity?

What is the first thing that entered your mind on Valentine’s Day as an unexpected gift? A surprise gift perhaps? How about an unexpected trouble? Can this be love …? that God allows things to come to us. Can you still show love to others even when you are dealing with ____? That is a big question in love!

Jesus showed love to the world even though He was dealing with the beatings, ridicule, taxes, feelings of abandonment … all the way to dealing with being nailed to His Cross. But through it all! Yes, but through it all God was working out His Purpose through love.

Sometimes, we have to sit back and encourage ourselves. We have to learn, as we come to ___ (it), God wants us to go through it; to be ever-growing in Christ to overcome (all things through Christ). Reaching for higher than the things that bother us. Jesus gives us strength.

This is love!

Don’t we love God because He cares for us? He lifts us up! Even when we are so wrong, God is consistent and His love is never-failing! Don’t we love God because He has first loved us? This is love. This is how we are to love others, by the same love we first receive.

We taste the Chocolates

Friends, yes; God allowed it. It comes to an end. Seasons come and go; and come again … all so that we can grow to another phase of life with God. I am writing in fellowship with you to encourage you to know that you are well loved by God through and by Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Just because you are going through something does not mean you will stay there!

God helps us fight the spiritual battles. We need to learn how to handle the gifts God gives.

Yes, the more God blesses you, the more the world hates you, but this is written to you today to encourage you that your worth to God is far more valuable to Him than you can possibly realize! A love that can only be measured by the love God has for His Son, that He gave for you … all because God knows who you are; and God loves you just as you are. Yet, God knows more about you than you know about yourself.

Kinda like a box of Chocolates; God knows just the right way to bring the good to the forefront, by eliminating the bad, by revealing His good to us.

How much did God love Jesus? How much do you love ____ (anyone); then multiply that love by Jesus Sacrifice for them and for you; and that is how much God loves you and the world!

This is love; that God is love! And God gave of Himself from the very beginning for you! Friends, you are incredibly and immensely valuable to God!

How much time do you spend with that Box of Chocolates?

Perhaps, and everyone in our human nature does, you may long to be loved, feel loved, feel worthy of love, but / and seek this love more than you seek to give love? Hu? Where was that on the map of the box of Chocolates? Well, sometimes, love seems like the real deal, but is willing to deviate from the map out of desperation. You know, like you will try that candy anyway … even when you know what it is. Defined as drama; leave that one alone, because God knows the motives of our hearts; and He will meet that need.

Hebrews 4:12 King James Version (KJV)

12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Perhaps, because human nature is typed in different personality traits of how we perceive -; some may like that chocolate, so by giving, you receive! Does that make sense? God is love, and we are loved and in this great love, we are able to meet each other’s needs by showing love to each other, but not needing love in return, because God is love and His love is sufficient.

True and perfect love all goes back to God first! This is the spiritual love that is unconditional; and Jesus paints the picture of trusting in this love God has for us to see, that God gave of Himself in the form of His Son, because God so loved the world that none should perish, but have everlasting life.

It is impossible to love perfectly as God loves, impossible before we know and believe in the love God 1st has for us; then only in Christ can we abide in this love by abiding in God and God in us.

God is love.

God is the Name Brand of Love.

Is there a Chocolate in a Box of Chocolates you trust in the reputation of the consistency to meet your heart’s desire? God’s Word is more consistent to meet all you ever need, hope for or desire; and much more so than dark chocolate with sea salt!

Love is built on the foundation of love; and love like this is found only in Christ Jesus whom first displayed God’s love for us on His cross, that Jesus who took a penalty for you, me and all who will believe, because of love.

This is life!

A love that separates us from ____ (a spiritual death to a New Life in Christ).

There was no red Valentine heart on that Cross that was of roses, cards, and candy, but the red blood of Jesus who bled for you and for me and for all who will come to believe in this love God has shown to the world is priceless sweet Victory, and LIFE.

The work on God’s Cross is finished! Don’t re-invite gloom and doom!! God loves to give us flowers! Just look up and around at the Creation work that God has blooming or ready to bloom for you! God loves to give us messages of this Grace, Power and devotional Love; each and every day!

Love is like flower bulb! Why does the bulb have to be planted beneath the soil and wait for so long to burst forth, grow and bloom? Something is happening under the ground! And, only God knows the fullness of His Work in Christ! Yet, we can see a glimpse, that if we turn our hearts toward the Son and love each other, by first knowing we have received a love worth giving, then … if we don’t give up, nor rush the process, we shall see the work of the Holy Spirit rise up that emerging life in you and in me in due season!

Friends, put your hope in Jesus and go ahead and give a gift of faith, in Jesus Name and by the Holy Spirit! Even if … even if it appears to be rejected, go ahead and release your gift of faith in Jesus Name and go ahead and give that gift of love to someone in need of a little encouragement. Remember, we have to sit back and encourage ourselves; and in so doing it is Christ who lifts us up; it is Christ who lifts others up. His work is finished; and the love is still being unveiled to many who have not experienced the living Christ.

A love note from God can be in the form of a new Season when the blooms burst out from nowhere, yet is awaiting to be seen at just the right time! Love in Season is an example of how we are to see and follow the love God has for us.

By Faith! God already knows the bloom is in there; we may too believe by faith, yet God also numbers the days until it emerges!

What a love God is and gives! All for you! All for me! And, the Bible says, and found written in Matthew 5:45,  “That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

God gives the rain, the sun, the moon and the stars for us to see His Glory through His Creation. And, again, not that we are that good, but that God is that kind and gentle to us. His love is like no other and all love that originates in the pureness of Love is Patient and kind, Gentle and self-less is gentle and kind to others because of the Mercy and Grace God has for us daily.

You see, love is first found in the Giver; and in the giving! And, when we receive a gift of love, it is in the receiving that love is made complete! You see, receiving the gift is the gift to the giver! But love is in the giving and then by the receiving.

How might this effect your giving today?

What if you don’t get anything in return? Our gift is in the Giver, whom is the Source of our Giving and this my friend is living free in the Victory of Jesus, and that is in the love of Christ. You see, dead to self, alive in Christ.

God’s love is enough!

So, wow! Do you want to grow a little deeper in this love God has for you? What else could God stir in your mind about the love of Jesus? What if you continue to read His Word?

Today if you receive a gift of love from someone … the receiving is how we answer to that love. (The Bible defines pure giving and pure love, with no motives; other than to lift that person up into a place that is closer to the value that Jesus has set for our life).

Love is with no expectations, but pure good for that person. Love giving is complete already, with no need for a response, but a response is the completion to that gift that love was well received.

A puppy loves with his / her eyes. A puppy loves unconditionally. A puppy trusts and has nothing to ask for other than it’s needs to be met; and a love to be received by his / her owner.

Does God own your soul?

With our soul defined as our mind, will and emotions, … The Bible teaches us it is good for our soul to let this mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus.

What can you give, by a measure of your faith in the love God has for you to another?

How about expecting nothing in return …

Is this a true statement? Love is given; not expected, but / and of unconditional of how love seems to be received. That means, instead of searching for the ways people are to love us right; love searches for ways to love others well. This is true love. Because we are first loved by God, we have love to give; not requiring the love we give to be returned to us…the love is the love and love just is.

God is love. God is enough. And, in this love there is no other, but a love that continues to give, because we are grateful for the love first given to us through and by Jesus, the Christ. We are saved and believed!

You see, you are ready receive the gift of love from God; Love is given and you believed! There is no other love greater to be received than that of the love of Jesus; God gave for you. And, Love is continually given as we refill in Jesus by renewing our mind in the Mind of Christ, whom re-freshens the dryness in our soul; as we may grow tired or weary! Call out to Jesus! Ask Him to pray for you! Jesus is the source of love; and HE never runs dry, grows tired; nor is God ever made weary.

Does this define pure love to you? A love that never dies; rust and moths can’t destroy. A love that is hidden in your heart that is like a river than can overflow to others from this well of God’s love, from which Jesus gives us ample to drink.

How does this make you feel?

That is the Holy Spirit my friend, drawing you near to the love of God to invite Jesus into your heart.

You see, we are saved by grace. It is finished! And, we need to renew our minds daily to grow in this love that is far greater than anything we have that we can compare on this earth. You can’t buy this love, but you can give from this love in Christ.

God is For you, With you and IN you, when you receive His Love, by love in the love Jesus has for you.

Do you sense the love of God lift your soul to Him as you consider how much you are grateful for the love God first showed you?

I do. I sense God’s Spirit with me as I write to you. I am first grateful to God, for His love in the trinity of 3; God did all this for you and for me!

So, today, this is my gift to you. Not that I have attained all that God has to offer, but that Jesus gives all I need each day; as long as God calls it Today.

Because I have breath to say, and fingers to type and internet to share, I will say by Grace and Faith in the Father’s love:

Jesus loves you …

This is just a little reminder note; or perhaps an invitation to believe of the love God has for you. Far greater than any card; or anything you have done before! The Word of God does not fade like the flowers on this earth! There is a flower than never falls and this flower is a garden made especially for you to live eternally with God forever; a place of spiritual love that is made complete by you receiving His Grace.

Believe the seed God plants in your heart to believe on Jesus to a NEW LIFE that is in the Resurrected Life of Christ, Believe that seed is living and alive and fully well-planned and designed to grow and to bloom!

When you receive this you will never be the same!

Believe God is For you! Believe God is With you! Believe God is In You through and by Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God! It all makes perfect sense! God loves you! God loves the world and HE is not willing that any should perish, but come to everlasting life in Christ Jesus!

I pray this waters the New Life in you, like a flower in your heart! And, as you grow more and more complete and confident in Christ’s love for you, that while you have time on this earth that you give more than you receive, because you have received the greatest gift of love ever to be presented to mankind! Love well in Love complete until you crossover to the side of completion, … Life to LIFE, where there is nothing left in life but LOVE, Joy and Happiness made complete!

Sure, buy a flower, send a card, call a friend or family member …and (before they call you), by in faith; not obligation to guilt, but in love! Faith puts the eternal power of love in Christ in the comfort, encouragement or expressions of love we do; do by faith; and by pure love.

Let this dedication in you be an expression of the love that already lives in you. Learn to walk, give and talk in Christ-Filled-Compassion!

Then arrows and darts of drama, guilt and feelings of failure can’t affect your spirit, because your spirit, soul and body are fully united and dedicated to Christ, whom first showed pure, everlasting, fully anointed and successful love to you and for you!

Blessed to be a Blessing …

Friends, the reality is that you can never do enough; that is because Christ has done it all!

You can’t earn grace. You can’t give grace. You can’t even give away grace. Grace is waiting on you! Yet, you can reject grace for a time … Can you hear God say, come to God the Father, through Jesus Christ, … so much more than a Valentine; God gave the world His Son!

I just thought: The world seems angry at God, but they simply do not know God’s love for them. Neither can they know God’s love for them, until their heart believes God is love and God has so loved the world. God is the Creator, Savior and Lord. Let no man deceive you.

As 2 + 2 = 4

Jesus is the Truth about Love!

Give of that love! From the heart embraced by God. And, if you receive a gift, receive it well embraced by God, because the blessing is in the giving. Receiving makes it in the fullness of the complete.

Let love begin, grow, flourish, and flow in and from your spiritual heart spiritually REBORN in Christ Jesus Today!


Saved by Grace And Believed!

When you receive this, you will never be the same!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love in Christ,

Karen Rowe

Hope in Today Ministries, Inc.


”Personal Motto:  “I don’t have it all figured out, BUT GOD DOES … Follow JESUS!”
Personal Revelation Life Verse:  And we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and the one who remains in love remains in God, and God remains in him (1 John 4:16 HCSB).

Written for you!

Copyright ©2011 Hope in Today

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