Meet my family!  I am happily married; and we will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary this month!  We have a  daughter in college; and a son in 4th grade! 

We love to go the lake, hang out by campfires and just goof around outside.  Personally, I enjoy working outside, especially on a nice Autumn Day!

Yet, I find myself asking at the tired end of many days,  how is it that there is not much time for these things for the past few years? 

I went through some medical things with grace I might add and I saw my dad transcend to Heaven about a year ago and I still love to hear the birds sing!  

God's Created nature reminds me of who I am!  Nature to me just sings a beautiful melody of how much God loves us...Yes, you and me!  Yet, God is much, much more to me!!!  He lives in me and the breath that I breathe comes from God ... I know this full well!

So this is how I can say through all things, "All is well with my soul" and mean it from the depths of who I am!

My joy is my strength that many probably don't understand.  Yet, I am hear to teach anyone who is seeking a helping hand...and I am also here to learn!  I believe life is like a puzzle; and we the people are given the pieces that fit together to help each other.

There is a living life who lives inside of us; and a love that is more like "a like" in this world that has love so very much confused. 

God's love to me is kind of like how I love the chill in the air this time of the year.  When Autumn leaves begin to change; and blankets bring a warm cozy comfort ... this is how it feels as the love of God reaches me!  Even the air on perfect days like these seems to land in my heart with a splash of joy that makes me smile!  That place of sheer contentment of just being near to God and enjoying the day ...knowing it is the day that the Lord has made to rejoice in!

Yet, not all my days are like this!  I face struggles just like you!

I work many hours, both on the go; and behind a computer screen –both in business and in ministry!  I love everything I do!  However, sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day, which tempts me to dislike it all!  

Sometimes busied up work takes me from the work I am called to do!  ...Such as enjoying life and enjoying time with my family ...  Do you face these kinds of things?

 I am learning that sometimes Jesus said, "No, not at this time."  Otherwise, we can find our self being tossed around in life like on a wave in the ocean!

So, yes, I find myself struggling; as much as I walk in peace some days, but that is not the fault of Jesus!  My struggles are more in my life lessons,which are most of the time in the trench; but not without a good purpose!  

Through my trials and struggles, my tests of perseverance is what it really is (my 'On the Job Training' lessons about "How to survive in this world through Jesus"); these are really my challenges!  With every challenge, there is a promise from God of strength to overcome; and in the end with the reward of promotion.

Would you like to join me on this journey?  As, we learn how to follow Jesus and survive in this world after the miracle through Jesus.   I don't have it all figured out, but I am learning how to maintain my peace and joy!   And, we can know the will of God and His plan that He has for us.

I am not perfect –God IS!  And Jesus makes me strong!

Many nights, and sometimes days, I tend to carry burdens by my human nature that are not mine to carry.  I do know Jesus can take them; if I will just let them go to Him!  Yet, I find myself sad when I hold on too long to the wrong ideas!

I have learned how to bless God for my fears, frustrations and doubts to go away!  And, I have learned that it is not our job to do surgery on each other.  Our job is to pray and also be patient and kind to each other.  When we try to be God that is when we feel overwhelmed.  And come to think of it ... wasn't that how Adam and Eve landed us in this sinful world in the 1st place?

I am honest; and I don’t believe in being fake; or hiding who we are.

I believe we all have some issue or another, but I actually believe that we are wonderfully made by God and our behavior does not change that fact of who we are made to be!  Yet, we are also fearfully made and our behavior does directly reflect our respect to God and to others.  And, so, day by day, God will reveal to us things we need to change in our life (and our entire human nature being); and this many times feels like the Bible calls "pruning!"  But just like that rose bush is full of blooms with a pruning, so are we.  It is worth it all to experience life with God!

I do value honesty, respect and integrity more than I value just about anything in this world –Trust is so important to me!  

I value people, because I value God.  Jesus is the confidence in me for everything that I do!  I do things better with Jesus than I do on my own! 

So this is a little about me; and now that I reread and add to this ... also a little about Hope in Today Ministries, which lives in me.  

I thought it would be good to say that I know I am not perfect yet in my knowledge, attitudes, methods or behaviors, but also to let you know that I care; and to let you see that I am real!  Then, I believe you can also see that Jesus is real!

Jesus is my righteousness just because I place my faith in Him and all Jesus has done for me. 

My ministry is the heart of who I am.  

Hope in Today Ministries is about God’s Love; and The Train Whistle in the book is also from my heart of God, Sounding the call of God’s Love!

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!  

Love in Christ,

Karen Rowe, Hope in Today Ministries

Copyright ©2011 Hope in Today

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